No Pain, No Gain/Who Gaves a Buck
    Season 1Episode 1
    No Pain, No Gain/Who Gaves a Buck
      Season 1Episode 1
      No Pain, No Gain - Rocko and Heffer is going to the Health Place to exercise their bodies!

      Who Gaves A Buck - Rocko and Heffer is getting Spunky's bowl from the mall to get more new furnitures!
      Sand In Your Naval
        Season 1Episode 2
        Rocko & Spunky Go To The Beach,When They Were There All Sorts Of Crazy Things Happen
        Leap Frogs-Bedfellows
          Season 1Episode 2
          Leap Frogs:

          Bev Bighead is concerned about Ed leaving her, so she gets Rocko to spend some time with her, but Ed comes back to his house furious, finding out about Bev's sudden love with Rocko.


          Heffer's room is cleaned up of his stuff because of the vermin that begin moving into his house. Heffer learns from his father that he must live somewhere else until the rat problem is solved, so he spends some nights at Rocko's house, but causing monstrous problems for Rocko, as he gets much of the bathroom stuff dirty, and snoring loudly, waking up the entire neighborhood. Heffer then hosts a nudist party, also selling some of Rocko's stuff. Rocko finally gets tired of Heffer's mishaps, but as soon as he kicks Heffer out, Hefs dad comes in the house to bring Heffer back home.
          Jet Scream / Dirty Dog
            Season 1Episode 3
            Jet Scream- Heffer and Rocko are headed on a plane to Las Vegas. Heffer is deathly afraid of flying and his fear leads to all kinds of problems for the passengers and crew.

            Dirty Dog- The episode takes place deep within the fur of Spunky's back. A pair of fleas live in Spunky's fur named Bloaty and Squirmy who mirror Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton from the classic T.V. show; "The Honeymooners." We follow them for a day in their life as Rocko threatens to give Spunky a bath, which in turn disrupts Bloaty and Squirmy's 'world.'
            Keeping Up With the Bigheads / Skid Marks
              Season 1Episode 4
              Keeping Up With the Bigheads- Rocko's house is in bad shape and Mr. Bighead tries to get it condemned. This leads Rocko and Heffer to go on a remodeling trip that causes more trouble than it fixes.

              Skid Marks- Rocko's car has been impounded. He has no choice to head to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get it back. He finds that the DMV is a much weirder place than he could have imagined.
              Power Trip / To Heck and Back
                Season 1Episode 5
                Power Trip- Rocko's boss, Mr. Smitty, puts Rocko in charge while he goes out of town. Rocko hires Filbert to help with the store duties and so becomes corrupted, leading him to meal and cruel to Filbert the way Mr. Smitty is to Rocko.

                To Heck and Back- Heffer has a near death experience and literally goes to "heck." There he meets "Peaches" who tells him that he must change his gluttonous ways.
                power trip
                  Season 1Episode 5
                  The Good, The Bad, and The Wallaby
                    Season 1Episode 6
                    The Good, The Bad, and The Wallaby- Rocko heads to a ranch he used to visit when he was little. Rocko tries to become a cowboy while Heffer tries to learn what it's like to be part of a real herd.

                      Season 1Episode 6
                      This was the pilot episode for the series. Rocko wakes up late on trash day and makes a mad dash to collect as much garbage as he can before the garbage men come.
                      Spitballs / Popcorn Pandemonium
                        Season 1Episode 7
                        Spitballs- Heffer loses Rocko's prized baseball and they head to a baseball game to try and get him another one.

                        Popcorn Pandemonium- Heffer and Rocko head to the movie theatre but find that getting there is more adventurous than the movie.
                        A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic / Canned
                          Season 1Episode 8
                          A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic-Rocko seems an infomercial for a product called the Suck-O-Matic. He orders it and finds that the insanely powerful machine causes more of a mess than it cleans.

                          Canned- Rocko loses his job at the mega-comic store and goes through a series of bad jobs before ending up at the local comic shop.
                          Carnival Knowledge / Sand in Your Navel
                            Season 1Episode 9
                            Carnival Knowledge-Heffer and Rocko head to the carnival for a day of fun. What they find are a place full of hazardous rides and shady carnival people trying to take advantage of them at every turn.

                            Sand in Your Navel- Rocko and Spunky head for a relaxing day at the beach but soon find that the day will be anything but relaxing.
                            Cabin Fever / Rinse & Spit
                              Season 1Episode 10
                              Cabin Fever-Rocko and Heffer share a camping cabin with the Bigheads and soon find out that it was a big mistake to do so.

                              Rinse & Spit-Filburt gets Rocko to help him with his dentist examination.
                              Rocko's Happy Sack / Flu-In-U-Enza
                                Season 1Episode 11
                                Rocko's Happy Sack- Rocko is nearly broke and learns of a 99% off sale happening at the local store. The sale is only for a limited time so Rocko must race against a store full of crazy customers to try and make it on time.

                                Flu-In-U-Enza- Rocko is psyched about going to a wrestling match but he hopes are smashed when he suddenly becomes ill.
                                Who's For Dinner / Love Spanked
                                  Season 1Episode 12
                                  Who's For Dinner-Rocko is invited to dinner at Heffer's house and meets the family of wolves who have adopted Heffer. Rocko soon learns about Heffer's family and their food preferences.

                                  Love Spanked-Heffer plays as cupid as he arranges a number of blind dates between several of the characters.
                                  Clean Lovin' / Unbalanced Load
                                    Season 1Episode 13
                                    'Clean Lovin'-Spunky has an unhealthy infatuation with a mop and Rocko is at a loss as to why and what to do about it.

                                    Unbalanced Load-Rocko's dirty clothes have become so funky that they begin to move on their own. He decides it's time to do laundry and gets more than he bargained for what should be a simple task.
                                    I Have No Son
                                      Season 2Episode 1
                                      This episode introduces Ralph Bighead (Mr Big Heads son), Ralph is estranged to his family because he's a cartoonist instead of working man like his father
                                      Pipe Dreams / Tickled Pinky
                                        Season 2Episode 2
                                        Pipe Dreams- Rocko is having a plumbling problem due to a goldfish he flushed down the toilet

                                        Tickled Pinky- Rocko has appendicitis which causes him to start having hallucinations about his appendix
                                        The Lounge Singer/She's The Toad
                                          Season 2Episode 3
                                          The Lounge Singer - Filburt realizes his dream of becoming a lounge singer and hits the big time. She's The Toad - On the eve of presenting
                                          a huge proposal at work , an overworked Mr.Bighead suffers a nervous breakdown, so Mrs.Bighead fills his position at Conglom-O.