Season 1Episode 1
    The gang receives a letter from the council informing them of the demolition of their squalid house, Vyvyan tries to beat the construction crew by attempting to demolish the house his self. While the rest of guys try there out there own ideas.
      Season 1Episode 2
      Already settled in to there new house, Vyvyan informs the gang that he struck oil in the baseman while bashing his forehead on the floor. Mike takes charge and orders Rik and Neil to dig up the oil. But rik is to busy staging a benefit concert in the living room.
        Season 1Episode 3
        The gang is tide up in being bored, that so many interesting things around the house go unnoticed.
          Season 1Episode 4
          Mike and Rik see dollar signs when an unexploded atomic bomb fall's through the roof and lands in the kitchen. Vyvyan has other plans like trying to detonate it and Neil builds a bomb shelter.
            Season 1Episode 5
            The boy's throw a party that quickly gets out of hand.
              Season 1Episode 6
              London is completely flooded with heavy rain fall. Trapping the boy's inside forcing them to go to extreme measure for food. But thing quickly change when they find themselves trapped with a homicidal axe-wielding maniac, thanks to Vyvyans.
                Season 2Episode 7
                Its launderette time for the boy's who find themselves not ready for it, but plans change when Neil remembers he booked them on university challenge.
                  Season 2Episode 8
                  In need of cash the guys talk Neil into join the police department, While Rik and mike tend to a pregnant vyvyan.
                    Season 2Episode 9
                    A strange package from South Africa interferes with plans to watch a video nasty on a rented VCR.
                      Season 2Episode 10
                      After a party Rik wakes up with a girl in his bed, while the rest of the guys try to figure out how that could be, the house passes through a time warp.
                        Season 2Episode 12
                        Summer is here and the gang tired of there boring lives robs a bank and set off for a better life.
                          Season 3Episode 4
                          A Atom bomb falls through their roof and they all have diffrent ideas about what to do with it. (Rick's idea is the best!)
                            Season 11Episode 2
                            The gang is sick and must deal with a visit from Neil’s parents and an escape criminal.