Homer Goes to College
    Season 5Episode 3
    After failing a test at the nuclear plant, Homer is sent back to college, where he gets his nerdy roommates in trouble for stealing another college's mascot.
      Season 5Episode 4
      After a disastrous birthday party (ending with Homer being beaten by security guards for his crude stand-up comedy), Mr. Burns pines for his long-lost childhood toy, a teddy bear named Bobo--which is now in the hands of Maggie Simpson.
      Treehouse of Horror IV
        Season 5Episode 5
        In a parody of the Rod Serling anthology show, "Night Gallery", Bart tells three scary stories based on paintings:

        The Devil and Homer Simpson – Homer sells his soul for a doughnut and the family put the Devil (Ned Flanders) on trial in order to save Homer's soul

        Terror at 5½ Feet – In a parody of The Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", Bart wakes up from a nightmare where the school bus crashes -- and fears that his dream will come true when he keeps spotting a gremlin destroying the bus.

        Bart Simpson's Dracula – The Simpsons are invited to a dinner with Mr. Burns, where Bart and Lisa discover that Mr. Burns is a vampire.
        Marge on the Lam
          Season 5Episode 6
          In a loose parody of Thelma and Louise, Marge and Ruth Powers (from "New Kid on the Block") have a girls' night out that ends with them being pursued by the police. Meanwhile, Homer tries to have fun without Marge and Lionel Hutz is hired as Bart, Lisa, and Maggie's babysitter.
          Bart's Inner Child
            Season 5Episode 7
            Marge realizes that she is no fun because of her constant nagging and seeks help from self-help guru Brad Goodman, who then uses Bart's irreverent attitude as a new example of how people should behave.
            Boy-Scoutz N the Hood
              Season 5Episode 8
              Bart and Milhouse find $20.00 on the street (after Homer loses it) and buy a Squishee made of syrup. After a night of bingeing and carousing, Bart wakes up to discover that he has joined a Boy Scouts-esque troupe called "The Junior Campers".
              The Last Temptation of Homer
                Season 5Episode 9
                Mr. Burns hires a female worker in accordance with labor union policies and Homer is worried that his crush on her will ruin his marriage with Marge. Meanwhile, Bart becomes a nerd after doctors find several things physically wrong with him (poor vision, dry scalp, reddened throat, fallen arches)
                $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)
                  Season 5Episode 10
                  After the local economy stalls, everyone in town (including Marge, who normally takes a moral stance against a vice like this) votes for gambling to be legalized, prompting Mr. Burns to open a casino, Homer to become a blackjack dealer, and Marge to become so addicted to gambling that she forgets about her family life. Meanwhile, Bart opens up his own casino after being kicked out of Mr. Burns's and Lisa struggles to have her costume done for a school pageant.
                  Homer the Vigilante
                    Season 5Episode 11
                    After a crime wave hits Springfield, caused by the elusive cat burglar and the police are ineffective, Flanders creates a neighborhood watch group, which Homer takes charge of. However, Homer's incompetence causes the group to commit more crimes than it prevents.
                    Bart Gets Famous
                      Season 5Episode 12
                      After sneaking away from a school trip to a box factory, Bart sneaks onto the set of the Krusty the Klown show and works as a production assistant, but becomes an accidental star when he says, "I didn't do it" during a botched sketch.
                      Homer and Apu
                        Season 5Episode 13
                        After twice getting food poisoning from Apu's expired food, Homer teams up with Kent Brockman to report Apu and get him fired. Meanwhile, James Woods is hired as the new Kwik-E-Mart clerk after Apu is dismissed.
                        Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy
                          Season 5Episode 14
                          Lisa protests against the phrases on her new Talking Malibu Stacy doll, which she finds demeaning to women (such as "Let's buy make-up so the boys will like us" and "Don't ask me. I'm just a girl", followed by a ditzy giggle) and tracks down the reclusive creator to make a more politically correct doll. Meanwhile, Grampa is worried that he is getting old, so he takes a job at Krusty Burger.
                          Deep Space Homer
                            Season 5Episode 15
                            NASA recruits Homer (who feels unappreciated after losing out to a green carbon rod during the Worker of the Week assembly at the nuclear plant) and Barney Gumble (who was chosen when Homer blamed him for calling NASA to complain about the televised launches) to train to be the first average American in space in an attempt to boost sagging ratings.
                            Homer Loves Flanders
                              Season 5Episode 16
                              Homer begins to like Flanders after being invited to a football game, but Homer's constant presence around Flanders and his family causes Ned to feel hate for Homer and the Simpsons to wonder just how wacky their adventures can be.
                              Bart Gets an Elephant
                                Season 5Episode 17
                                While stuck cleaning the house, Bart wins a radio contest and chooses a gag prize (an elephant) instead of the real prize ($10,000 cash).
                                Burns' Heir
                                  Season 5Episode 18
                                  Mr. Burns has a near-death experience which prompts him to find an heir to inherit his wealth after he dies. However, after choosing Bart for the role, Burns attempts to manipulate him into becoming his son.
                                  Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song
                                    Season 5Episode 19
                                    Bart accidentally gets Principal Skinner fired after he brings Santa's Little Helper to school for show and tell. But when Ned Flanders is hired and the school goes to pot, Bart must get Skinner back, only to discover that he returned to the Army to be a sergeant.
                                    The Boy Who Knew Too Much
                                      Season 5Episode 20
                                      Bart plays hooky from school and ends up at Mayor Quimby's nephew's birthday party, where Quimby's nephew is accused of assaulting a waiter, which Bart knows the truth, but would have to admit that he was playing hooky if he testifies. Meanwhile, Homer is chosen for jury duty in the assault case against Quimby's nephew and takes advantage of being sequestered in a hotel.
                                      Bart of Darkness
                                        Season 6Episode 1
                                        A heat wave is gripping Springfield and the townspeople attempt to cool down. Bart and Lisa persuade Homer to buy them a swimming pool, which proves popular with the town's other children. Bart ends up breaking his leg when he dives off his treehouse and is forced to spend the rest of the summer in his room. Realizing that he has become isolated, Lisa gives Bart her telescope to cheer him up. Using it, he witnesses Ned Flanders digging a grave and through his ramblings, determines that Ned has killed his wife Maude. He sends Lisa over to the Flanders' house to look for proof of the "crime", only for Ned to return, holding an axe. However, he is merely putting it away; and it is revealed that Maude is still alive and well, and all that Ned killed was her favorite plant
                                        Lisa's Rival
                                          Season 6Episode 2
                                          A new student named Allison Taylor arrives at Springfield Elementary and proves to be more than a match for Lisa in both educational and musical feats. After Allison wins first chair saxophone in the school orchestra ahead of her, Lisa vows to defeat Allison at something: by winning the school diorama contest. Meanwhile, Homer steals 100 pounds of sugar from an overturned truck and decides to sell it to the town. However, despite his best efforts to guard his sugar mound, a rainstorm dissolves it. At the contest, Bart switches Allison's diorama of The Tell-Tale Heart with a cow's heart to help Lisa win. Lisa's guilt at the plan forces her to give Allison's real model back. The pair set aside their differences and become friends. Principal Skinner decides that neither Allison nor Lisa's entry deserves to win, awarding victory to Ralph Wiggum.