Homer Defined
    Season 3Episode 5
    Homer accidentally saves the Nuclear Power Plant (in desperation by choosing a button via eeny, meeny, miny, moe) and is ashamed when people mistake him for a hero. Meanwhile, Luann forbids Milhouse to be friends with Bart as she feels Bart is a bad influence to her son.
    Like Father, Like Clown
      Season 3Episode 6
      When Krusty comes over to the Simpsons’ house for dinner, he reveals to them that he is of Jewish heritage, and that his father, Rabbi Krustofski disowned him for pursuing an a career in comedy, and not a successful career in a rabbi. Bart and Lisa decide to contact the rabbi and convince him to forgive Krusty.
      Treehouse of Horror II
        Season 3Episode 7
        In this sequel to the first "Treehouse of Horror", Bart, Lisa, and Homer present more tales of comical Halloween nightmares after eating too much candy.

        The Monkey's Paw: While on a trip, Homer buys a monkey's paw, garunteed to grant its holder wishes, but with terrible side effects. Bart wishes that the family would become rich and famous, but then everyone hates them. Lisa wishes peace is brought to Earth at last, but Kang and Kodos see this as a chance to enslave Earth now that it's weaponless. Then Homer wishes for the perfect turkey sandwich...but the turkey's too dry.

        In a parody of a classic Twilight Zone episode, everyone in Springfield must be happy with everything or be changed into something horrible by a monster. And that monster is Bart Simpson.

        If I Only Had a Brain: After Homer is fired from the nuclear power plant, he gets a job as a gravedigger. After he falls asleep while digging a grave, Mr. Burns picks him to have his brain cut out and put in a cybog to make the ultimate worker at the power plant. Includes the scene where Mr. Burns puts Homer's brain on his head after taking it out and exclaiming, "Look at me Smithers! I'm Davy Crockett!"
        Lisa's Pony
          Season 3Episode 8
          When Lisa requires a new saxophone reed for her talent recital, she asks various citizens before asking Homer, who immediatley promises to buy her one. Though when Homer breaks his promise, he makes up for it by giving Lisa the one thing she had always wanted, a pony named Princess. With a new pony in the house, Homer struggles with two jobs.
          Saturdays of Thunder
            Season 3Episode 9
            After taking a fatherhood quiz about Bart, Homer realizes and laments he knows nothing about Bart, and in the result, strives to be a better father after learning that Bart is one of the racers in the Soapbox Derby. Meanwhile, Patty and Selma get their hair done like Mary Tyler Moore.
            Flaming Moe's
              Season 3Episode 10
              When Moe's Tavern suffers financially, Homer tells Moe Szyslak of a secret alcoholic cocktail made with cough syrup and fire he calls "Flaming Homer". Though when Moe tries Homer's recipe in the bar and finds out it boosts his business and patronage, Moe steals the recipe from Homer.
              Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
                Season 3Episode 11
                The stock in the Nuclear Plant skyrockets amid rumors of a takeover meaning that all the workers get rich, except for Homer who has sold his for a mere $20 and fears that he'll lose his job. The rumors prove true as two German businessmen buy the plant from Mr. Burns for $100 million and fire Homer for being incompetent.
                I Married Marge
                  Season 3Episode 12
                  After worring that she may yet again be pregnant, Marge's home pregnancy test gives inconclusive results, prompting Marge to drive to Dr. Hibbert's office. While anxiously waiting, Homer begins to tell Bart, Lisa, and Maggie about how he and Marge got married at a quickie wedding chapel, and how Homer attempted to prove to Marge's sisters that he can prove for their upcoming child.
                  Radio Bart
                    Season 3Episode 13
                    When Bart's birthday party turns into a disaster (after all the presents are lame, except for a lable maker from Patty and Selma and an AM radio with a microphone attached to it from Homer), Bart uses the radio to play pranks on others citizens, including one where he tricks the town into thinking a little boy is stuck in a well.
                    Lisa the Greek
                      Season 3Episode 14
                      Homer begins to finally bond with Lisa after learning her unique and convenient ability to pick winning football teams, but when Lisa finds out Homer has only been using her for gambling, she refuses to speak to her father until he fully understands her. Meanwhile, Marge shops with Bart and buys him ridiculous clothing which is taunted by the bullies at school.
                      Homer Alone
                        Season 3Episode 15
                        The family's dependance on Marge causes Marge to suffer a nervous breakdown during her early morning errands, and decides to go to a spa resort to calm down. Homer, meanwhile (along with beer-swilling barfly, Barney) have to care for the troublesome Maggie while Bart and Lisa spend their time over at Patty and Selma's Spinster Apartments.
                        Bart the Lover
                          Season 3Episode 16
                          When a yo-yo craze sweeps over Springfield Elementary, Bart's inept yo-yo happens to break a fish tank, killing the class goldfish. After Mrs. Krabappel sentences Bart to a month of detention, Bart decides to write phony love letters to her under the guise of a man who responded to her personal ad. Meanwhile, Homer tries to cut back on swearing after Flanders complains that Todd is picking up on the foul language.
                          Homer at the Bat
                            Season 3Episode 17
                            It's time for the company softball tournament and Homer is determined to lead the power plant to victory. He creates his "magic bat", and -surprisingly-the team wins every game. But things go downhill after Mr. Burns places a bet that his team will win and replaces the team with major league players now hired as workers. The day of the final game, several emegencies and other predicaments make the players unable to play, so Homer and the gang step up to the plate...and win the game with Homer's magic bat. Guest stars Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Ken Griffey Jr., Steve Sax, Don Mattingly, Ozzie Smith, Darryl Strawberry, Joe Canseco, Mike Scoscia, and Terry Cashman.
                            Separate Vocations
                              Season 3Episode 18
                              When the school makes the students take an aptitude test, it ends up suggesting Bart becomes a policeman and Lisa become a homemaker (instead of a professional jazz musician). While Lisa becomes a troublemaker (since she can not bear the fact she will not be a jazz musician), Bart improves his grades and behavior and is chosen to be Principle Skinner's newest hall monitor.
                              Dog of Death
                                Season 3Episode 19
                                Santa's Little Helper falls ill and the family must make budget cuts (i.e., Marge dropping her weekly lottery ticket, Bart having his hair cut for free, Lisa forgetting the 4th edition Encyclopedia Generica, and Maggie's clothes lasting longer) in order to pay for his operation. Meanwhile, Springfield is swept up in lottery fever, though news anchor Kent Brockman wins.
                                Colonel Homer
                                  Season 3Episode 20
                                  After his behaviour at the movie theater embarrasses Marge, Homer and Marge fall into a large argument, causing Homer to head to a redneck bar where he meets a beautiful barmaid named Lurleen Lumpkin with a talent for singing. Homer does everything he can to make Lurleen famous, leading Marge to belive that Homer loves the country singer more than he does. In the result, Lurleen falls for Homer.
                                  Black Widower
                                    Season 3Episode 20
                                    Bart's Aunt Selma is excited because she's Sideshow Bob?! Selma joined a letter-writing program to convicts and Bob was her pen pal. Now that Bob is on parole, he popped the question to Selma. Bart is sure that he's up to no good, especially since Bob is broke and Selma has financial security. But will anyone believe him?
                                    Kamp Krusty
                                      Season 4Episode 1
                                      While Homer and Marge are enjoying their time away from the kids (save Maggie), during summer vacation, Bart and Lisa's promises of a fun summer at Kamp Krusty are broken when head counselor Krusty (who is at Wimbledon) is replaced by his accountant, Mr. Black. The counselors are the three bullies from school, Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney.
                                      A Streetcar Named Marge
                                        Season 4Episode 2
                                        Marge gets a part in a musical production of A Streetcar Named Desire when the play director discovers Marge's deep-seated depression and anger from dealing with an uncaring Homer.
                                        Homer the Heretic
                                          Season 4Episode 3
                                          Homer discovers the joys of staying home on Sunday mornings and decides to start his own religion despite Marge's objections.