Dancin' Homer
    Season 2Episode 5
    One night at Moe's Tavern, Homer tells the story of how he got (and then lost) his big is Nuclear Plant Employee, Spouses and No More than Three Children Night at the Springfield Isotopes baseball game at Springfield Stadium. At the game, Mr. Burns sits with Homer, taunting the Isotopes, which are expected to lose their 27th consecutive game, reportedly the longest losing streak in professional baseball. But when Homer fires up the crowd to the tune of "Baby Elephant Walk", the Isotopes win a game.

    Because of this, Homer is made the Springfield Isotopes mascot, "Dancin' Homer". Thanks to his spirit, the Isotopes win more games until Homer is promoted by Antoine "Tex" O'Hara to the team in Capital City.

    The Simpsons pack up their things, say goodbye to their friends and move to the big city. Homer is nervous about performing for a larger crowd and sharing the stage with the legendary Capital City Goofball. His first performance is a disaster. He is booed off the stage and promptly fired. Homer sadly finishes his story, only to find that the barflies are still pretty impressed.
    Dead Putting Society
      Season 2Episode 6
      The episode opens as Homer is mowing his lawn with obvious frustration. His frustration prompts some unwelcome advice from next-door neighbor Ned Flanders. Ned invites Homer into his beautiful rumpus room for a beer. Upon seeing Ned's house and observing his exaggeratedly perfect relationships with his wife and son, Homer erupts at Ned, accusing him of showing off. In response, Ned angrily asks Homer to leave. Later, Ned Flanders feels guilty about asking Homer to leave, and he writes a letter to Homer (starting out with "Dear Neighbor,") saying that he is really sorry and that he loves Homer as a brother. Homer immediately starts to crack up, and reads the letter to the family at the breakfast table. Marge is not happy with the family's reaction. Homer then suggests the family go put-put golfing, but both Marge and Lisa are doing other things, so Homer takes Bart and Maggie for a round of miniature golf at Sir Putt-A-Lot's Merrie Olde Fun Center. They unexpectedly run into Ned and Todd Flanders and end up going golfing together.

      The game goes well for everyone (especially Bart), except for Homer, who is obviously still jealous of Ned. Meanwhile, Bart and Todd find out about a kids' miniature golf tournament with a first prize of $50. Bart and Todd decide to enter the tournament. Although Todd is very good at miniature golf, Homer becomes too confident that Bart will win the tournament ("It is not okay to lose!" he tells Bart at one point). So Homer forces Bart to win by yelling at him, and making him stare at a picture of Todd Flanders, angrily, for 15 minutes every day. One day, whilst Bart was looking at his collection of trophies (none of which say 'first place'), Lisa then finds Bart and offers to help him practice, through her reading spiritual books that calm Bart's mind and she goes to the fun center to help him practice; they meditate and she asks him answerless riddles; "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" and "If a tree falls down in the woods and no-one's around, does it make a sound?" He does well at it until Homer is around giving him a hard time. Meanwhile, Homer meets up with Ned, where they were arguing angrily, on who is better. To find out who's better, Homer then tells Ned to make a bet if he thinks he is better than Homer. Homer and Ned both sign the bet; the father of the boy who does not win the tournament will mow the lawn of the house of the other player's, in his wife's Sunday dress.

      It is the day of the tournament, where Homer gets really furious when he sees Ned and threatens Bart to do perfectly. Eventually Bart and Todd are both tied, and they have managed to proceed to the final round of the tournament. In an extremely close match, as it progresses, Bart and Todd each do well, and tie by the time they reach the eighth hole. Bart and Todd are both worried that their father's are being too tough for them. Bart decides they are equally good, and they should call it a draw. Todd agrees, and they do so, receiving checks of $25 each. Knowing that both boys did not lose or win, Ned is relieved that the bet is off, but Homer still sticks to it, saying that if Todd did not win, so Ned has to mow Homer's lawn. Ned backs it up by saying that Bart did not win either, so Homer has to mow Ned's lawn, but Homer say that it is a small price to pay. Eventually, they were forced to wear their respective wife's best Sunday dress and mow each other's lawn. People around the neighborhood laughed at them and Ned actually enjoys it, much to Homer's disgust.
      Bart vs. Thanksgiving
        Season 2Episode 7
        It is Thanksgiving, and Lisa is making a centerpiece for the dinner table which honors women such as Georgia O'Keefe, Susan B. Anthony and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. When she proudly goes to display it, Bart brings in the turkey, and he complains that the centerpiece is blocking space for it. Bart and Lisa get into a fight, and the centerpiece ends up burning in the fireplace. Lisa runs to her room in tears, and a furious Homer and Marge send Bart to his room, telling him he has ruined Thanksgiving.

        After Marge consoles Lisa, she tells Bart he can come downstairs to dinner on the condition he apologize. Bart scoffs at the directive and decides to run away. Along with Santa's Little Helper, Bart searches for food, eventually wandering into the seedy part of town, and passes out after donating blood plasma for money. He is awakened by two hobos who think he is homeless, and they take him to a soup kitchen, which is serving Thanksgiving dinner. There, Kent Brockman is doing a report on the dinner, where he delivers a self-serving commentary on how the patrons are forgotten on Thanksgiving. Brockman interviews Bart, where, on live TV, he mocks his family and refuses to apologize. The family sees the report on TV, and Homer immediately calls the police.

        As Bart walks out of the shelter, he gives the two hobos the money he made from his blood donation, seeing how the bums needed it more than him. Remorseful, he goes to return home, but reconsiders and decides to wait it out on the roof. There he hears Lisa in her room writing in her diary and starting to cry, and calls for her to come to the roof too. Bart initially refuses to apologize not realizing why Lisa is so upset. Lisa asks him to explore his feelings and in turn, to explore hers. Bart does some "soul-searching", at first mocking Lisa, but then finally understanding why she would be so upset. He properly apologizes to Lisa, which she happily accepts. Homer and Marge hear this exchange on the roof and are beaming with pride. Once everyone is back inside, Homer leads the family in prayer, as they thank God for "one more crack at togetherness," as they enjoy a dinner of leftovers.
        Bart the Daredevil
          Season 2Episode 8
          Homer and Bart are ecstatic when they find a monster truck rally is heading toward Springfield. The bad news: It's the same night as Lisa'a concert. They leave as soon as it ends, but are late for the rally and their car is totaled by a fiery steam shovel known as Truckosaurus. They enjoy the rest of the show. Bart is amazed by extreme stuntsman, Lance Murdock. He tries to imitate his stunts on his skateboard, and eventually tries to jump Springfield Gorge. Homer stops him, but ends up nearly making it over the gorge himself, in one of the classic moments of the series.
          Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
            Season 2Episode 9
            Homer attempts to build Marge a spice rack. While he is doing so, Maggie sneaks up and hits Homer on the head with a mallet. Marge is at first clueless as to why Maggie would do such a thing, but Maggie sees an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show, a cartoon which is known for its violence, and tries to stab Homer with a pencil. Marge immediately blames The Itchy & Scratchy Show for Maggie's actions and bans Bart and Lisa from watching the show. Despite the ban, Bart and Lisa still manage to watch Itchy & Scratchy at friends houses. Marge writes a letter to the producers of the show asking them to tone down their violence and in response, Roger Meyers, Jr.—the CEO of Itchy & Scratchy International—writes a letter to Marge, telling her one person can not make a difference and calls her a "screwball". In response, Marge decides to "show what one screwball can do".

            Marge forms "Springfieldians for Nonviolence, Understanding, and Helping" (SNUH) and forces the family to picket outside the Itchy & Scratchy Studios. Marge's protest gains momentum and soon more people join the group and even start to picket The Krusty the Klown Show, on which Itchy & Scratchy is shown. Marge appears on Kent Brockman's show, Smartline where she confronts Roger Meyers over the violence and suggests that concerned parents send letters to Meyers. Many angry letters are sent to the Studio and Roger Meyers concedes defeat, and agrees to eliminate violence in Itchy & Scratchy. Eventually, a new short in which Itchy & Scratchy sit on a porch drinking lemonade airs, but Bart, Lisa, and other kids across Springfield reject the cleaned-up show. A lengthy montage follows, in which the children of Springfield go outside and engage in various wholesome activities and that night Bart and Lisa brag about their various outdoor activities while Marge listens happily.

            Meanwhile, Michelangelo's David goes on a coast-to-coast tour of the U.S. and will stop in Springfield. The members of SNUH urge Marge to protest the sculpture, insisting that the sculpture is offensive and unsuitable. However, Marge argues that the sculpture is a masterpiece. Deciding that it is wrong to censor one form of art but not another, she decides to give up her anti-cartoon violence protest. Itchy & Scratchy immediately returns to its old form and Springfield's children abandon their wholesome activities. Homer and Marge go to see David and Marge expresses her disappointment that the kids are watching cartoons rather than seeing the sculpture. She cheers up when Homer tells her that the school will be forcing them to go.
            Bart Gets Hit by a Car
              Season 2Episode 10
              Mr. Burns' car hits Bart when he is skateboarding. Bart has an out-of-body experience, and rides a gold escalator and visits Heaven. Naturally, Bart does the opposite of what he is supposed to do (hold on to the hand rail and not to spit over the side), and visits Hell. In Hell, he meets the Devil. He floats back into his body, waking up in Dr. Hibbert's room. The injuries Bart has are a bump on the head and a broken toe, but there is nothing serious. In the room, an attorney named Lionel Hutz comes in and suggests that Homer sue Mr. Burns. Burns offers Homer $100, but he refuses, and he goes to see Lionel Hutz. Hutz promises Homer a cash settlement of $1,000,000. They see Dr. Nick Riviera, who says that Bart is a very sick boy. Marge, however, decries Dr. Nick for saying Bart is sick, arguing that he is not a real doctor.

              Homer sues Mr. Burns, with Bart offering his (unbelievable) testimony that he was playing innocently, until the "Luxury Car of Death" hit him, and Burns saying in his (even more unbelievable) testimony that he was driving to the orphanage to pass out toys until Bart darted in front of him. The jury does not believe Mr. Burns's testimony, who yells at his lawyers and orders them to bring Homer and Marge to his house. At his mansion, Burns offers Homer a $500,000 settlement. Homer and Marge discuss the matter, but Homer objects to the settlement, insisting that Burns knows he will lose the trial and will have to pay the family $1 million. Burns cancels the settlement after overhearing Marge saying the lawsuit is based on false evidence.

              At the trial, Marge is called to the stand. In her testimony, she denounces Dr. Nick Riviera as being a phony doctor concerned more about wrapping Bart in bandages than in making him feel better, while proving Dr. Hibbert to be a real doctor. She is asked to describe Bart's intense mental anguish and suffering, and when she does, she is not sure how intense it is, although she mentions that Bart did miss three days of school, and when asked to put a dollar amount on the hardships, she says that Bart would have made $5 if he were able to take out the garbage. Marge, offering honest testimony, destroys Hutz's case. Mr. Burns then offers Homer another settlement, this time for the amount of $0, which Hutz advises Homer to accept. Although Bart receives good treatment and now feels better after the trial, a downbeat Homer worries that Marge cost him $1,000,000, and he tells Marge he is going to Moe's. Marge comes into Moe's and asks Homer to forgive her for her testimony, but he says that he is not sure he loves her anymore, until he looks her in the eyes to find out and feels happy, and they love each other.
              One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
                Season 2Episode 11
                Bored with having meatloaf for dinner, Lisa suggests that the family, instead of having pork chops the next night, go to the new sushi bar, "The Happy Sumo". Homer reluctantly accepts, and the family drives to the restaurant. When they arrive, Homer starts by ordering a few things, but when he discovers that "this fish is delish!", he eats everything on the menu, including a type of sushi called Fugu. The chef in charge is busy making out with Edna Krabaple in the parking lot, so his apprentice has to slice the fugu, of which certain parts are toxic. The apprentice tries to do it carefully, but Homer becomes very impatient, and the apprentice is forced to serve it. It goes down a treat with Homer but, unbeknown to everyone, it is poorly prepared and Homer is told that he may have been poisoned. Homer and Marge go to the hospital, where Dr. Hibbert informs Homer he is indeed going to die and has 24 hours left to live. He actually has 22 (since Hibbert left Homer waiting too long (in reality, blowfish poison kills far more swiftly). Homer is told that he is expected to go through five stages of grief, all of which he experiences while begging Dr. Hibbert to save him. He eventually accepts his fate and makes a list of all the things he wants to do on his last day on Earth.

                On his last day, the things Homer does are: have a man-to-man talk with Bart, in which he teaches him to shave. He then listens to Lisa play her saxophone. Then he borrows Ned Flanders’s camcorder to make a video for Maggie, which she can look at when she is older (he also briefly considers attending the Flanders family’s barbecue; accepting in the belief that he will be dead the next morning). He has to cross out "plant a memorial tree" so that he can reconcile with Grampa, until he is arrested for speeding. Homer calls Barney, who is asked to pay $50 to bail him out, because he doesn’t want Marge to know that he is locked up. After he is bailed and with not much time left, he tells off Mr. Burns, has one last drink at Moe’s with his friends, and then hurries home in time to say a good-bye to his family and be "intimate" with Marge. At midnight, Homer visits each family member, who are all asleep, and says goodbye. Feeling glum, he listens to Larry King read the Bible on tape, but falls asleep. Marge awakens the next morning and is panicked that her husband is not by her side. She runs downstairs and finds Homer, collapsed in his chair. As she mourns, she realises that his drool is still warm. She wakes him up and drums in the fact that he is alive. Homer then prances around in an overjoyed state and vows to live life to its fullest: which he does by watching a bowling tournament and eating (lite) pork rinds.
                The Way We Was
                  Season 2Episode 12
                  After the tv goes out, Homer and Marge recall how they first met. In Springfield 1974, they were in the same high school, but didn't know they existed. They finally meet in detention hall, but Homer would do anything to be with her. He tries to join her on the debating team, but gets kicked off after mooning his opponent for a reBUTTtal. He later tells Marge that he needs to be tutored in French, and after spending time together, she accepts his invitation to the prom. But then she grows furious at him when he tells her that he wasn't in French in the first place. Marge goes to the prom with brain Artie Ziff (Jon Lovitz) and they are crowned prom king and queen. Artie tries to get intimate with Marge afterwards, prompting her to make him take her home. She later picks up Homer after seeing him walking home in the mud and they both realize that they were meant to be together. (This is the first flashback episode.)
                  Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
                    Season 2Episode 13
                    After seeing Ned Flanders reject an offer from a man to get an illegal cable hook-up, Homer chases after the cable man and wants to be hooked up for free. He likes the new channels he gets, which the family watches with him. Lisa, however, feels suspicious about this. Following a Sunday School lesson regarding the existence and nature of Hell, Lisa becomes terrified of violations of the 10 Commandments, the adherence to which she is assured will keep one’s soul safe from Hell. She fears that because Homer violated the Eighth Commandment, he will go to Hell when he dies. She additionally opposes other examples of common and harmless thievery all around her. She convinces Marge to pay the cost on two grapes in a grocery store which she has tested but not paid for. Lisa pays a visit to Reverend Lovejoy at church, where he suggests that Lisa cannot turn her father into the police (since she must continue to Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother), but he instead encourages Lisa to not watch anything on Homer’s cable hook-up, setting a good example.

                    Homer invites his friends from the power plant, as well as Apu, Moe, and Barney to watch “The Bout to Knock the Other Guy Out!” on pay-per-view. (Mr. Burns and Waylon Smithers show up as well). Lisa tries to boycott the party, and this results in Homer making her stay outside. Meanwhile, Bart has set up posters on the back door for his showing of an adult channel for 50 cents (although his age requirement is eight), but he is caught a few seconds later by Homer. Homer’s conscience eventually bothers him, more in the form of his daughter’s distress than a moral objection to stealing cable, and he gives in to Lisa’s protests, begrudgingly choosing not to watch the last minutes of the fight. Marge, Maggie, and Bart (otherwise reluctant) join them as well. He sits the fight out and when everyone leaves, he hesitantly (and unprofessionally) cuts his cable hook-up, despite Bart’s objection. Homer accidentally (somehow) cuts the electricity to all of Springfield in his random wire-cutting before finally cutting the cable wire.
                    Principal Charming
                      Season 2Episode 14
                      Patty and Selma visit the wedding of a man that could have easily been Selma's husband had Patty not gotten in the way. Selma realizes that she needs to find a husband and begs Marge to help her. Marge enlists the help of Homer to seek one out, however, Homer has trouble finding anyone suitable.

                      Meanwhile, Bart pulls a big prank by pouring the fictional chemical sodium tetrasulfate onto the grass. In the principal's office, he is told to call his father, who is currently at Moe's Tavern. After asking for Homer Sexual, Principal Skinner takes the receiver as Moe verbally assaults who he imagines is his long-time tormentor. Moe gives Homer the phone when he realizes it is Principal Skinner on the other end of the line. Homer goes to the school and decides that Skinner is the perfect man for Selma. He invites the Principal to meet her, but he falls for Patty instead.

                      Skinner starts to go out with a slightly unwilling Patty, much to Selma's increasing chagrin. Meanwhile, Bart takes advantage of the opportunity to take control of the school. Skinner enlists Bart's help to get Patty to marry him, while Homer fixes a date between Selma and Barney.

                      Skinner takes Patty to the top of the Bell Tower to propose. Following Bart's lead, he has written "Marry Me, Patty" in 40-foot letters using the "sodium tetrasulfate" that got Bart in trouble. Patty is flattered, but declines. She admits to Skinner that she shares a common bond with the emotional grief of her twin sister, which Seymour immediately picks up on and says it is best she go support her sister. Patty appreciates Seymour's understanding and his gentlemanly conduct, and if she ever did settle down with a man, she would want it to be with him. In his grief, Principal Skinner sees what has happened to the school, and takes back control - much to Bart's chagrin, as it means he is immediately put back on detention. Patty informs Selma of the events, so she breaks her own date. Things then return to normal.
                      Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
                        Season 2Episode 15
                        After watching the latest McBain movie, Grampa Simpson suffers a heart attack. Thinking he might die, he is prompted to confess a long-hidden secret: Homer has a half-brother.

                        As Grampa explains, he had met a carnival floozy and prostitute before marrying Homer's mother. They had a son, and left him at the Shelbyville Orphanage. Determined to find his brother, Homer and his family go to the orphanage and find out that Abe's son was adopted by a Mr. and Mrs. Powell and named Herbert.

                        Herb Powell, who looks just like Homer, except taller, slimmer and with more hair, is the head of eponymously-named automobile manufacturer Powell Motors, which is in danger of being taken over by the Japanese because of otherwise poor management. He is very rich, but is quite unhappy not knowing who he is and where he comes from. He is overjoyed upon hearing of his half-brother and invites the entire Simpson family to stay at his mansion in Detroit.

                        Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are enthralled by Herb's wealthy lifestyle and kind personality, although Marge constantly worries about spoiling her kids. Herb then decides that Homer, being an "average" American, is the perfect person to design a new car for his company. Homer is given entirely free rein in the design, but is at first too timid to voice an opinion, as Herb's designers begin to design the car with their own ideas in mind. When Herb gets word of this, he gives Homer a pep talk that sends him back to the designers determined to build the car with all sorts of weird effects like bubble domes, tail fins and several horns that play "La Cucaracha".

                        At the unveiling of the new car, dubbed "The Homer", Herb is horrified to discover that the car is a monstrosity that costs $82,000 ($122,000 when inflation adjusted to 2006). Herb's company folds, his mansion is sold off and he leaves regretting that he ever met his brother. As he departs on the bus he angrily remarks to Homer that he "has no brother". Lisa laments, "His life was an unbridled success... until he found out he was a Simpson." In the end of this episode, while Homer drives the family home, Bart tells him that the car he built was great. Homer becomes relieved to discover that at least one person seems to like it.
                        Bart's Dog Gets an F
                          Season 2Episode 16
                          Lisa has the mumps and has to spend a few days home from school. While Marge teaches her sewing, Homer goes to the mall to buy some magazines for her. There he sees and purchases some expensive shoes known as 'Assassins', which he saw Ned Flanders with earlier. The next day, he buys a giant cookie.

                          Marge shows Lisa a patchwork quilt, which is a family heirloom. Lisa makes her own contribution to it, but then Santa's Little Helper (Frank Welker in his first appearance) rips it up, also destroying the shoes and cookie. Homer wants to get rid of the dog, but Lisa convinces them to take him to an obedience school first.

                          Santa's Little Helper does not do well at the Obedience School as Bart is unwilling to use a choke chain. The night before the final exam, Bart and Santa's Little Helper play, thinking it will be their last few hours together. This bonding breaks down the communication barrier, allows Santa's Little Helper to understand Bart's commands, and to pass obedience school. Lisa marks the occasions by creating a new quilt to replace the one destroyed.
                          Old Money
                            Season 2Episode 17
                            Grampa, after another lackluster Sunday outing with the family, falls in love with Beatrice Simmons when their pills are mixed up at the Retirement Castle. They fall in love and go on a date, leading up to her birthday on a Sunday.

                            However, Homer makes Grampa come on the family outing to the Discount Lion Safari and locks him in the car, causing him to miss Bea's birthday. At the refuge, the family's car becomes stuck in the mud and, to make matters worse, hungry lions begin circling the car, trapping the family in the car overnight. After a hunter helps run the lions off the next morning, Grampa returns home expecting to see Bea. However, Homer pulls up just in time for the ambulance to pull away. It turns out that Bea has died of a burst ventricle (though some say a broken heart) when he was out with the family.

                            Grampa is saddened, attends her funeral, and is very angry with Homer, refusing to speak to him, as Grampa blames Homer for preventing him from attending Bea's birthday party and being with Bea in her final moments.

                            Grampa then receives Bea's inheritance of $106,000 from Lionel Hutz. First, he looks at buying things for himself, until Bea's ghost suggests that if he is not happy spending it on himself, that he give the money to worthy causes. (His inheritance is slightly reduced because he spent $400 on a fez that Napoleon supposedly once wore). After interviews with many people across Springfield, Grampa attempts to double his money by gambling at a casino, but Homer stops him — and just in time, since Grampa would have lost the entire inheritance at the roulette wheel.

                            Grampa, having forgiven Homer decides to spend the rest of the inheritance on renovating the retirement home, and adding a new room named the Beatrice Simmons Dining Room.
                            Brush with Greatness
                              Season 2Episode 18
                              After Bart and Lisa see Krusty do his show at the Mt. Splashmore water park, they ask Homer if they can go there. Homer gets annoyed, but reluctantly decides to take them there. The family goes to Mt. Splashmore, where they ride H2WHOA!, a crowded water slide. As Homer goes on H2WHOA!, he gets lodged in a section of a pipe. After the rescue crew removes him from the ride, with the help of a large crane, he realizes that he needs to lose weight and announces that he will go on a diet.

                              While Homer is looking for his weights, Bart stumbles on paintings of Ringo Starr that Marge made as a student in high school, when she had a crush on him. Lisa asks Marge what her painting talent was as a schoolgirl, and she says that as a high school student, she was scolded for doing a painting of Ringo Starr. She also recalls sending a painting to him for an "honest opinion", which she also recalls never actually got a response. Lisa suggests that Marge take a painting class at Springfield Community College, which she does. She makes a painting of Homer, which her professor, Lombardo, praises. It wins the college art show.

                              Mr. Burns wants Marge to paint his portrait for the Burns Wing of the Springfield Art Museum. She reluctantly agrees, as long as Burns insists that the painting portray him as a beautiful man. While Burns heckles Marge as she does the painting, Homer finds out that he weighs 239 pounds, which is 21 less than what it previously was. After Burns insults Homer, Marge insists that he leave the house and is ready to quit until Homer encourages Marge to finish the painting and she gets a reply from Ringo Starr, who is decades behind on answering his fanmail, praising her artwork. She finishes the painting, and at the opening of the Burns Wing, she unveils the painting. The painting depicts a naked, frail, and weak Burns. The people are shocked, until Marge explains that it depicts what Burns actually is: a vulnerable human being which will, one day, be no more. Everyone, even Burns, who is at first outraged but then accepts his new glory, praises Marge's painting.
                              Lisa's Substitute
                                Season 2Episode 19
                                When Ms. Hoover falls ill with a suspected case of Lyme disease, she is replaced by substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom. Because of his unorthodox teaching methods, Lisa quickly takes a friendly, even romantic, liking to him. He is the only teacher, and perhaps the only adult, who has ever challenged, respected, and liked her. Just as Lisa is about to ask Mr. Bergstrom over to her parents' house for dinner, Ms. Hoover returns rubbing out Mr. Bergstrom's name on the blackboard, stating her Lyme disease was psychosomatic. Rushing to the train station, Lisa confesses to Mr. Bergstrom (who is taking a job in another city) that she will be lost without him. To comfort her, he writes her a note with a message that he says will always support her. He then boards the train and the train departs. She tries to catch up with the train, but of course, it soon gets out of her sight. Only then does she read the note. It says, "You are Lisa Simpson", in order to change her feelings.

                                Meanwhile, Bart runs for class president against Martin Prince. With his shock-based campaign, he seems to be the sure winner, but still loses due to the fact that nobody in the class (including himself) voted, with the exception of Martin himself and one other student, Wendell, who both voted for Martin.

                                At dinner that evening, Bart is miserable and Lisa is very upset. Lisa explains to Homer that Mr. Bergstrom is gone, but Homer responds in his usual uncaring manner which enrages Lisa, causing her to decidedly call her own father a baboon before running to her room in tears (Bart exclaiming that someone was going to say it, but never thought it would be Lisa). Marge furiously orders Homer upstairs to apologize and to console Lisa, explaining how her daughter is very hurt emotionally and in need of her father. He enters Lisa's room and finds her crying over her desk. He is uncertain of how to deal with Lisa's sadness, and is noticeably uncomfortable seeing his daughter crying. Homer finds his inspiration from the music of a musical ballerina jewelry box and explains to Lisa how he can not really understand how it feels to lose someone important because he tells Lisa how everyone he has ever loved and cared about lives with him still. Homer then alludes to Lisa calling him a baboon, and in a loving manner mimics a monkey and Lisa is cheered up. Lisa apologises to Homer for calling him a baboon, and Homer accepts the apology. Finding Bart still seething over the election result, Homer reminds his son that all the job of class president would have meant was extra work with little reward. Bart becomes happy that he lost. Finally going by Maggie's room, he places her pacifier in her mouth. Proud that he helped all three of his children, Homer goes to bed happy that night.
                                The War of the Simpsons
                                  Season 2Episode 20
                                  Marge and Homer throw a party. Homer gets drunk and humiliates himself by leering at Maude Flanders, telling off total strangers, and stumbling over furniture. The next day at church, Marge signs up for a weekend retreat of marriage counseling hosted by Reverend Lovejoy and his wife. Marge recruits Grampa for the weekend to babysit since the babysitter she previously hired was emotionally scarred by Bart when he was a baby.

                                  Homer finds out that the retreat will be held at Catfish Lake and packs his fishing equipment, despite Marge telling him that the retreat will be resolving their differences. On the way there, he learns of the legendary catfish, General Sherman, named after the Civil War era Union general. The only known picture of Sherman resembles the famous Loch Ness Monster photograph.

                                  Meanwhile, at home, left with Grampa, Bart and Lisa decide to hold a party. At the lake the next morning Homer tries to sneak away to go fishing. Marge is upset that Homer would choose fishing over their marriage. Homer takes a walk instead. On the dock, Homer finds an abandoned fishing pole. The pole, with General Sherman on the line, yanks him off the pier into a small rowboat, and onto the lake. From their cabin window, Marge watches Homer battle General Sherman.

                                  Bart and Lisa's party has ended and the house is a total mess. Watching Grampa cry and fearing that he will get in trouble, they frantically clean up the house, not knowing he was pretending.

                                  Marge attends the workshops alone while Homer catches his fish. When he returns, Marge tells him their marriage is in trouble if he values fish more than her. To prove that he loves Marge more he lets the fish go (despite battling it for several hours) and they return together to a clean house.
                                  Stark Raving Dad
                                    Season 3Episode 1
                                    Homer's sanity is called into question when he arrives at work wearing a pink T-shirt (caused by Bart throwing his lucky red cap into a load of white laundry). After Bart takes Homer's mental stability test for him (and answers "yes" to every single question), Homer is committed to a mental hospital where he meets a big, hulking bald man who speaks like Michael Jackson. Meanwhile, Lisa is depressed over her upcoming eight birthday.
                                    Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
                                      Season 3Episode 2
                                      After Homer becomes enraptured when reading "Reader's Digest", and spots an essay contest for kids, to which he signs up Lisa for. When Lisa successfully wins the contest, she and the family travel to Washington, DC where the finals are to be held, to where Lisa bears witness to the seedy underbelly of politics and becomes bitterly disappointed after learning of a bribery scandal involving Springfield's congressman.
                                      When Flanders Failed
                                        Season 3Episode 3
                                        Homer's wish for Flanders to be a failure in his business comes to life when Flanders's store catering to left handed people goes out of business, causing the Flanders family to end up financially in trouble. Meanwhile, Bart goes to Akira and takes karate lessons, but quits after he discovers that it isn't as interesting as he had expected it to be.
                                        Bart the Murderer
                                          Season 3Episode 4
                                          After having a terrible day at school, Bart stumbles upon the "Legitimate Businessman's Social Club" mafia bar where the leader, Fat Tony, hires him to work as their permanent bartender; however, when Principle Skinner ends up missing, Bart is immediatley blamed by the mafia for murdering him, causing Bart to get sent to jail for execution.