Treehouse of Horror XII
    Season 13Episode 1
    Hex and the City – Homer is put under a gypsy's curse that kills his friends and turns his family into monsters.

    House of Whacks – The Simpsons' house is run by a HAL-style computer who has a crush on Marge and plots to kill Homer.

    Wiz Kids – Harry Potter parody where Bart and Lisa go to a school for wizards.
    The Parent Rap
      Season 13Episode 2
      When Bart and Milhouse accidentally take a joyride in Chief Wiggum's squad car, a new judge named Judge Harm blames Homer for being irresponsible and sentences Homer and Bart to be tethered together.
      Homer the Moe
        Season 13Episode 3
        A depressed Moe decides to return to bartending school to re-evaluate himself and turns his bar into a trendy nightclub, which does not sit well with his regular customers (Homer, Lenny, Carl, and Barney).
        A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love
          Season 13Episode 4
          When Homer goes into the Fortune Cookie business, Mr. Burns receives a fortune cookie saying he will fall in love and does with a meter maid named Gloria.
          The Blunder Years
            Season 13Episode 5
            A hypnotist causes Homer to recall a childhood trauma where he saw a dead body in a pipe.
            She of Little Faith
              Season 13Episode 6
              After Homer and Bart's rocket damages the church, Mr. Burns makes a deal to commercialize the church in return for paying for the damages, which leads Lisa to convert to Buddhism out of disgust.
              Brawl in the Family
                Season 13Episode 7
                A social worker is assigned to make the Simpson family functional after they get arrested for fighting over a board game. Meanwhile, the hookers from "Viva Ned Flanders" return to see Flanders and Homer.
                Sweets and Sour Marge
                  Season 13Episode 8
                  Springfield is officially declared the World's Fattest Town, Marge, out of disgust, tries to ban sugar products to help deal with the town's weight problem.
                  Jaws Wired Shut
                    Season 13Episode 9
                    Homer injures his jaw in an accident and has it wired shut, which makes him a better listener and a more compassionate person.
                    Half-Decent Proposal
                      Season 13Episode 10
                      When Marge can not get any sleep from Homer's snoring, she reluctantly agrees to Artie Ziff's proposal of having her for the weekend in return for one million dollars to have Homer's snoring corrected.
                      The Bart Wants What It Wants
                        Season 13Episode 11
                        Bart befriends Rainer Wolfcastle's daughter, but blows off her affections for him. Meanwhile, Principal Skinner gets heckled at a comedy club.
                        The Lastest Gun in the West
                          Season 13Episode 12
                          Bart befriends a former Western film star, who turns out to be an alcoholic.
                          The Old Man and the Key
                            Season 13Episode 13
                            Grampa gets his driver's license back to impress a woman at the retirement home, despite the fact she is only using him for his car.
                            Tales from the Public Domain
                              Season 13Episode 14
                              Homer reads a children's storybook that he never took back to the library, which features such stories as:

                              * Homer as Odysseus.
                              * Lisa as Joan of Arc.
                              * Bart as Hamlet.
                              Blame It on Lisa
                                Season 13Episode 15
                                The Simpsons go to Rio de Janeiro to search for an orphan boy Lisa was sponsoring.
                                Weekend at Burnsie's
                                  Season 13Episode 16
                                  Homer takes up medicinal marijuana after getting pecked in the eyes by crows.
                                  Gump Roast
                                    Season 13Episode 17
                                    In this clip show episode, Homer is honored at a Friar's Club Roast which is interrupted by Kang and Kodos.
                                    I Am Furious Yellow
                                      Season 13Episode 18
                                      Bart starts a comic book called Angry Dad, which is modeled on Homer's anger problem.
                                      The Sweetest Apu
                                        Season 13Episode 19
                                        Homer and Marge discover that Apu is having an affair with the Squishee Lady.
                                        Little Girl in the Big Ten
                                          Season 13Episode 20
                                          Lisa poses as a college student. Bart is placed in a plastic bubble after getting a contagious disease from being bitten by a Chinese Mosquito.