Treehouse of horror 13
    Season 12Episode 1
    A Tale of Two Springfields
      Season 12Episode 2
      Homer causes a revolt over a change in half of the town's area code, and ends up becoming mayor of New Springfield.
      Insane Clown Poppy
        Season 12Episode 3
        Krusty finds out he has a daughter (from a tryst with a female soldier who fought in the Gulf War), but loses her trust after gambling away her violin.
        Lisa the Tree Hugger
          Season 12Episode 4
          Lisa falls in love with the leader of an environmentalist group and tries to impress him by living in Springfield's oldest tree in order to keep it from being cut down.
          Homer vs. Dignity
            Season 12Episode 5
            When the Simpsons are having financial problems, Mr. Burns pays Homer to humiliate himself in public. Meanwhile, Smithers creates a Malibu Stacy-themed musical.
            The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
              Season 12Episode 6
              Homer creates his own website and uses it to spread gossip, but gets sent to a weird island where people who know too much are imprisoned.
              The Great Money Caper
                Season 12Episode 7
                Homer and Bart become father-son scam artists, but the joke's on them when the rest of the town plays an even bigger prank on them.
                Skinner's Sense of Snow
                  Season 12Episode 8
                  A snowstorm traps the kids inside Springfield Elementary.
                    Season 12Episode 9
                    Homer discovers the root cause of his subnormal intelligence: a crayon that was lodged in his brain ever since he was a kid. He decides to have it removed to increase his IQ, but discovers that being smart does not equal being happy.
                    Pokey Mom
                      Season 12Episode 10
                      Marge tries to rehabilitate a convict with remarkable artistic talent. Meanwhile, Homer uses a trash can to fix people's spines.
                      Worst Episode Ever
                        Season 12Episode 11
                        Bart and Milhouse are banned from the comic book store after costing The Comic Book Guy a sale, but are hired as his replacements when the Comic Book Guy has a heart attack.
                        Tennis the Menace
                          Season 12Episode 12
                          The Simpsons build a tennis court in their back yard, but Homer's inferior tennis ability makes them the laughingstock of the town, while Bart shines as a natural.
                          Day of the Jackanapes
                            Season 12Episode 13
                            Krusty cancels his show after it loses in the ratings to the big-money game show "Me Wantee". When he reveals to Sideshow Bob that all of the episodes featuring him have been taped over, Sideshow Bob uses Krusty's biggest fan (Bart) to murder him.
                            New Kids on the Blecch
                              Season 12Episode 14
                              A music producer selects Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph to be members of the next hit boy band, who record subliminal songs about joining the Navy.
                              Hungry, Hungry Homer
                                Season 12Episode 15
                                Homer sees the joys in helping people out and stands up for injustice -- which is put to the test when The Springfield Isotopes are planning to be traded to Albuquerque, New Mexico.
                                Bye Bye Nerdie
                                  Season 12Episode 16
                                  Lisa is determined to find out what makes Francine, a new school bully, only pick on nerds. Homer goes into the baby-proofing business.
                                  Simpson Safari
                                    Season 12Episode 17
                                    When the Simpsons run out of food thanks to a bag boy strike, the family finds an old box of animal crackers with a sweepstakes that sends The Simpsons to Africa.
                                    Trilogy of Error
                                      Season 12Episode 18
                                      Homer's rush to the hospital to reattach his thumb, Lisa's rush to school to win the science fair, and Bart's run-in with an illegal fireworks scheme are interconnected in a parody of "Go" and "Run, Lola, Run".
                                      I'm Goin' to Praiseland
                                        Season 12Episode 19
                                        After finding a sketchbook belonging to his late wife Maude, Ned Flanders opens a Bible-themed amusement park to honor her memory.
                                        Children of a Lesser Clod
                                          Season 12Episode 20
                                          After spraining his knee during a basketball game, Homer begins taking care of the neighborhood kids to cure his boredom, prompting jealousy from Bart and Lisa, who feel that Homer is giving the kids the attention they never had.