Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire
    Season 1Episode 1
    Bart gets a tattoo. Marge is furious and has to use the Christmas money to get it removed. It's now up to Homer's holiday bonus at the nuclear plant to get the presents. But Mr. Burns, the boss, decides not to give it out this year. Homer becomes a department store Santa to get some money, but Bart figures him out and he's fired. They go for one last shot at the race track where they bet on a dog named Santa's Little Helper. SLH loses and Bart adopts him after his careless owner disowns him. Bart and Homer bring him home. Homer is about to tell everyone that he didn't get the bonus, but Marge and Lisa think SLH is the present. Everyone celebrates during the end credits by singing an offbeat version of "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer".
    Bart the Genius
      Season 1Episode 2
      Bart cheats on an intelligence test and is placed in a school for gifted children.


      Blackboard: I will not waste chalk.
      Couch: Bart pops off.

      First appearances of Martin Prince, Edna Krabappel, Rainier Wolfcastle, Dr. J. Loren Pryor, and Richard.

      Milhouse has black hair instead of blue.
      First time Bart says "Eat my shorts."
      Homer's Odyssey
        Season 1Episode 3
        Homer tries to find meaning in his life when an accident he causes at the plant gets him fired and unable to find another job.


        Blackboard: I will not skateboard in the halls.
        Couch: When the family sits on the couch, it collapses.

        First time Homer is fired from the plant.
        First time Bart makes a prank call to Moe's
        Homer gets promoted to safety inspector (his current job) at the end of this episode.

        First appearances of Sherri and Terri, Chief Wiggum, Otto, Jasper Beardley, Wendell, Sam & Larry, the Winfeilds, and Smithers.

        Smithers is black in this episode.
        There's No Disgrace Like Home
          Season 1Episode 4
          Homer feels there is something wrong with the family when they embarrass him at his company picnic, so he tries to change them.

          Blackboard: I will not burp in class.
          Couch: The family sits down and Homer is squeezed off.
          First appearances of Dr. Marvin Monroe, Eddie and Lou, and Itchy and Scratchy.
          First time Bart says "Don't have a cow."
          Lou is not black in this episode.
          Bart the General
            Season 1Episode 5
            Bart takes drastic measures when he has problems with th school bully, Nelson Muntz.

            Blackboard: None
            Couch: None
            First appearances of Nelson Muntz and Herman.
            First time we see Bart cry.
            Herman's model of the town has the Kwik-E-Mart as Quick-E-Mart.
            Credits are shown in front of the Simpsons' house.
            Moaning Lisa
              Season 1Episode 6
              Lisa has the bues and meets a new friend who is a jazz saxophonist. Homer tries to beat Bart in video game boxing.

              Blackboard: I will not investigate revolution.
              Couch: Maggie pops off and Marge catches her.
              First appearances of Bleeding Gums Murphy and Ralph Wiggum.
              This episode shows a flashback of Marge as a child.
              A longer version sof the song Lisa sings is featured on The Simpsons Sing the Blues album.
              The Call of the Simpsons
                Season 1Episode 7
                Homer is envious of his neighbor Ned Flanders's new RV and goes to Bob's RV Round-Up to buy one of his own.
                The Telltale Head
                  Season 1Episode 8
                  Homer and Bart are chased through the streets of Springfield by an angry mob while carrying the head of the statue of their town founder. Someone has sawn off the head of the statue of town founder Jebediah Springfield. Surrounded by the surly crowd, Bart pleads for understanding and relates the events of the previous day.
                  Life on the Fast Lane
                    Season 1Episode 9
                    It is Marge's 34th birthday, and her gifts include a gallon of cheap "French" perfume from Bart and a homemade macaroni-and-glue card from Lisa. However, Homer has completely forgotten about the date. He quickly leaves to go to the Springfield Mall to buy Marge a last-minute gift and impulsively settles on an expensive bowling ball. The birthday party takes place at the Singing Sirloin, a restaurant featuring singing waiters, recommended by Patty and Selma. Marge is highly insulted that her primary "gift" is something Homer selfishly wants for his own use, even going to the extent of having the ball engraved with his name and having the holes drilled for his fingers. To spite him, Marge decides to keep it and use it anyway.

                    Marge goes bowling for the first time ever, but is unsuccessful. At the bowling alley she meets Jacques, a handsome French bowling instructor in the next lane, who offers her bowling lessons. She finds in Jacques a sensitive and charming man, nearly the exact opposite of Homer. After one "lesson", Jacques invites her to have brunch with him. Although she feels guilty, she agrees.
                    Homer's Night Out
                      Season 1Episode 10
                      Bart purchases a miniature spy camera from a mail-order catalog, which arrives six months later. Bart uses it to take candid photos around the house, including ones of Homer and Marge during their private time. Later, Homer announces he is going to a bachelor party for a co-worker. Marge decides to take the children to the Rusty Barnacle, a seafood restaurant where, unbeknownst to her, the bachelor party is taking place. At the restaurant, Bart notices a sign called "Cod Platter" and makes an anagram out of it with the sign now saying "Cold Pet Rat". At the party, a sexy belly dancer named Princess Kashmir arrives. Kashmir invites Homer onstage to dance with her. Although reluctant at first, Homer eventually gets on stage and begins dancing, at which point Bart wanders into the room and eagerly snaps a picture.
                      The Crepes of Wrath
                        Season 1Episode 11
                        The Crepes of Wrath
                          Season 1Episode 11
                          Homer trips over Bart's skateboard and falls down the stairs. He is consequently disabled and confined to the couch for several days. Marge then punishes Bart, forcing him to clean his room and as he does, he discovers an old cherry bomb in his room and decides to flush it down the toilet in the boy's restroom at school. On the day he plans to flush it, Principal Skinner's mother accompanies him to school, calling him "Spanky" in front of his students. Bart ends up pulling his prank at the same time as Principal Skinner's mother is in the girl's restroom. The resulting explosion blows her off of her seat and enrages Skinner. In order to punish him, Skinner proposes "deportation" to the Simpsons, by having Bart participate in a foreign exchange program. Bart is sent to France, whereas the Simpsons host a student from Albania. Bart is shown a picture of a lovely chateau in the heart of France and he immediately agrees to go, much to everyone's delight.

                          In France, Bart arrives at the "beautiful chateau", which is actually a dilapidated wine making facility. He is greeted by the two unscrupulous winemakers, César and Ugolin, who proceed to treat him like a slave. Bart is made to collect and crush grapes, sleep on the floor and test wine contaminated with antifreeze. Bart's experience is a reference to the Austrian Diethylene Glycol Scandal of 1985.[1]

                          Meanwhile, in Springfield, Adil arrives and turns out to be a sweet and helpful boy. Homer immediately takes a shine to him, and it is noticeable that he is a better son and role model than Bart ever was. Unbeknown to the family, Adil is actually a spy sent by his government to obtain nuclear blueprints. Homer unwittingly takes him on a tour of the power plant and thinks nothing of the many photographs Adil takes.

                          Eventually Bart learns enough French to escape his captors and inform the authorities about his captors' plot to sell contaminated wine. First he tries to speak English to a Policeman, who replies: Je suis désolé, je ne comprends pas - I'm sorry, I don't understand. The policeman gives him a candy instead of helping him. Bart then goes away, upset, but accidentally speaks French and realises he has become fluent in the language. The wine-makers are swiftly arrested and Bart is hailed as a hero to conclude his stay in France on a satisfying note. Adil is caught by the FBI and is exchanged for another boy who was an American spy caught in Albania. Bart returns to his family, bringing them French gifts. Homer declares he is proud his son can speak French.
                          Krusty Gets Busted
                            Season 1Episode 12
                            As Bart and Lisa watch The Krusty The Clown Show, Marge phones Homer to stop at the Kwik-E-Mart on his way home from work. While in the Kwik-E-Mart, a masked clown, resembling Krusty, points a gun at Apu and robs the store. Police question Homer and a Police sketch artist creates an image that looks like Krusty. Chief Wiggum and the police barge into Krusty's home and take him into custody. Krusty's trial begins and Bart tries to stop Homer from taking the stand, but the bailiff takes Bart back to his seat. Homer takes the stand and immediately indicates that Krusty was the clown he saw. Later, Krusty – testifying in his own defense – admits during cross-examination that he is illiterate when he is unable to identify an exhibit in the courtroom. Krusty is found guilty and sentenced to prison. The Krusty The Clown Show is replaced with Sideshow Bob's Cavalcade of Whimsy, a critically-acclaimed educational program.

                            Bart and Lisa set out to prove Krusty's innocence. Judging from the fact Krusty is illiterate and has a pacemaker (hence he could not be near Apu's microwave), Bart guesses that his hero was framed and Sideshow Bob would know who did it. The next day, Bart, Lisa and Maggie meet Sideshow Bob at the studio to ask him for input. A suspicious Bob dismisses their investigations and gives them tickets to his show. On the air, Bob spots an "unhappy child" – Bart – in the audience, and invites him onstage to talk about what's the matter. Bart states his findings, but Bob provides plausible explanations for each claim.

                            Then, Bob admits that he "has big shoes to fill." That statement echoes through Bart's mind, as he realizes the final link to the mystery: Homer stepped on the tip of the robber's oversized floppy shoes, causing the suspect to cry out in pain; yet, Krusty had small feet like everyone else. Being an underappreciated TV sidekick, Bob would have the most to gain from Krusty's downfall. Seeing his chance, Bart grabs the microphone and reveals Bob as the imposter who committed the robbery. To prove his point, Bart grabs a croquet mallet and smashes the end of Bob's shoe, causing him to scream in pain. Bart pulls off Bob's shoes to reveal very large feet.

                            Exposed, Bob admits that he framed Krusty out of frustration being constantly on the receiving end of the clown's humiliating (and often painful) gags. He is taken off to jail, swearing revenge on Bart, and the charges are dropped against Krusty, who receives apologies from Wiggum and Homer. Grateful to be free, Krusty thanks Bart for standing up for the truth and sticking to his convictions.
                            Krusty Gets Busted
                              Season 1Episode 12
                              Bart is Krusty the Clown's biggest fan. But Homer witnesses Krusty robbing the Kwik-E-Mart. Bart vows to clear Krusty's name, but everyone is absolutely certain the clown did it. Krusty's sidekick, Sideshow Bob (Kelsey Grammar) takes over the show. Bart and Lisa uncover some evidence to prove that Krusty was framed. They go to "Sideshow Bob's Calvacade of Whimsy" to show everyone and Bart discovers that Sideshow Bob committed the robbery. (Krusty has normal-size feet but wears big shoes, but he yelled when Homer stepped on his foot. Sideshow Bob wears big shoes because he does have big feet.) Krusty is cleared and an angry Sideshow Bob is sent to prison.
                              Some Enchanted Evening
                                Season 1Episode 13
                                Marge is fed up with Homer's thoughtlessness and explains her predicament on Dr. Marvin Monroe's radio call-in show. Monroe urges Marge to confront Homer about her feelings. Homer, who has heard the call on a radio at work, feels bad and – after a stop at Moe's Tavern for advice – brings home a single rose and chocolates. Marge's mood immediately softens, and a remorseful Homer decides to treat Marge to a night on the town: dinner at a fancy restaurant, dancing, and staying at a hotel room. Marge attempts to hire a babysitter through the local babysitting service, but is rejected because of her children's previous antics with babysitters. Homer calls later and – after identifying himself as "Homer Sampson" – is able to get a babysitter.

                                Later, Ms. Botz – an imposing-looking woman with an intimidating demeanor – arrives to take the job. On Marge's advice, Ms. Botz has Bart and Lisa watch "The Happy Little Elves Meet the Curious Bear Cub." However, it is not long before Ms. Botz leaves the room, and Bart – having grown bored with the Happy Little Elves – switches to something more to his liking. He tunes into a station airing "America's Most Armed and Dangerous," which is doing a profile of a wanted burglar nicknamed "The Babysitter Bandit." The announcer also warns that the suspect, named Lucille Botzkowski, could be "using a clever alias." A profile of the suspect confirms Bart and Lisa's suspicions: Ms. Botz is "The Babysitter Bandit." As if on cue, "Ms. Botz" enters the room. Bart and Lisa try to hide, but she easily finds them, ties them up and makes them watch "The Happy Little Elves" tape as Ms. Botz goes about her work uninterrupted.

                                Maggie eventually wakes up and goes downstairs, to discover that her siblings are tied up watching TV. She frees Bart and Lisa, and they are able to knock out Ms. Botz with a baseball bat. After tying up Ms. Botz, the kids – finding all their telephones disabled – go to a nearby pay telephone and alert the authorities. Meanwhile, Marge decides to try to call to check up on things at home, but gets no answer. Worried, she and Homer decide to go home, finding Ms. Botz bound and gagged. Homer & Marge, assuming their children have gotten the best of another babysitter with another prank and unaware of her true identity, free her & pay double her normal fee. Ms. Botz makes a clean getaway, just seconds before the Springfield police arrive to arrest her. Bart, Lisa, & Maggie return to show the police the scene of the crime but Homer grabs Bart and scolds him, once again, mistaking their bravery for a juvenile stunt but Homer is told that Ms, Botz was the babysitter Bandit by the local media. After admitting he released her and realizing that he is on national television, Homer decides to exaggerate the story so it does not seem he delibrately helped her escape. He reflects on this in bed after watching himself on the news, and declares himself a failure as a father. Marge, however, comforts him, claiming that since the three children he parented could outwit a dangerous criminal, he must have done something right.
                                Bart Gets an F
                                  Season 2Episode 1
                                  When Bart presents his book report at school on Treasure Island, it is clear to everyone that he has not read the book. Mrs. Krabappel proves her suspicion when Bart incorrectly answers her question about the main pirate in the book. After school, Mrs. Krabappel tells Bart his grades have steadily gotten worse and warns him about an upcoming exam on Colonial America; Bart does not pay attention. At home, Bart tries to study but procrastinates instead. The next day at school, Bart "collapses" in class to get out of taking the test, and the nurse sends him home after diagnosing him with amoria phlebitis.

                                  At home that night, Bart again fails to study, instead calling Milhouse for the answers. The next day at school, Bart takes the test but fails; Krapabbel tells him his effort is "even worse than Milhouse's exam." Homer and Marge are called in to meet with Krabappel and school psychiatrist Dr. J. Loren Pryor. They are told that Bart is an underachiever and that they recommend holding him back.

                                  Bart finds out he may flunk fourth grade and, in desperation, asks Martin for help. He helps Bart study, and Bart reciprocates by showing him how to be more popular, which encourages him to take on some of Bart's bad attitudes. Bart reminds the "new" Martin about the test, but he ignores it, preferring to hang out with his new friends and play practical jokes. Left with little time to study on his own, Bart prays to God that something will happen to make him miss school the next day so he can have more time to study. That night, Springfield is hit with a massive blizzard, and the schools are closed.

                                  After receiving word of the school closures, Bart excitedly prepares for a fun snow day. However, Lisa reminds him of his prayer, and he decides to study for the rest of the day while everyone is outside having fun. Bart actually concentrates while he is studying, and after he finishes the test, he asks Mrs. Krabappel to grade it immediately. She gives it back to him, and he sees that he got 59%, another F. Extremely upset at this failure after his honest effort, Bart breaks down over the fact that now he knows how George Washington felt when he surrendered Fort Necessity to the French in 1754. Mrs. Krabappel, stunned at this obscure historical reference, realizes that Bart did study after all. She gives Bart an extra point for demonstrating applied knowledge, pushing his grade up to a D-. Homer proudly displays Bart's new personal best on the refrigerator.
                                  Simpson and Delilah
                                    Season 2Episode 2
                                    Simpson and Delilah
                                      Season 2Episode 2
                                      Homer Simpson sees an ad for Dimoxinil, a new "miracle cure" for baldness. He visits a store which sells Dimoxinil, but it is far out of Homer's price range. At work, Lenny suggests Homer pay for Dimoxinil through the company medical insurance plan. He successfully applies the drug, and the next day, Homer wakes up with hair. At work, Mr. Burns surveys the security monitors to find a new person to promote to an executive position. He sees Homer with hair and, mistaking him for a young go-getter, chooses Homer for the job.

                                      As he is about to become an executive, Homer tries to look for a good secretary, but all the applicants fail - until Homer finds a man, Karl, who applies. Homer eventually picks Karl, and they go shopping for a suit. Homer quickly becomes quite good at his new job. Burns is so impressed with Homer's efforts that he gives Homer the key to the executive washroom. Smithers begins to feel jealous of Homer and, after one look at Homer's file, discovers the case of insurance fraud that gave Homer hair in the first place.

                                      Homer is about to be fired for the scam, but Karl takes the blame and is fired instead. Homer is invited to give a speech at the next meeting. Homer is nervous about giving the speech without Karl, but reasons that as long as he has hair, everything will be fine. When he gets home, he finds that Bart has spilled all of Homer's Dimoxinil in a misguided attempt to grow a beard. The next day, Homer, bald again, arrives at the meeting. His fears are alleviated when Karl appears with a pre-written speech for him. Homer presents his speech, but the audience is unable to take him seriously without hair. Rather than punishing him, Burns, a fellow sufferer of male pattern baldness, sympathizes with Homer's situation. Homer is demoted back to his old position. In bed that night, Homer is devastated now that he is making less money, can not buy the kids things he promised them and that Marge will not be attracted to him anymore. Marge assures him that his old job always got them by and the kids would have to get over it. As for Homer still being attractive, Marge reassures him by singing "You Are So Beautiful To Me."

                                      Treehouse of Horror I
                                        Season 2Episode 3
                                        In the first of the many Halloween special trilogies afterward, Bart and Lisa tell scary stories to each other while Homer listens in.

                                        Bad Dream House: The Simpsons move into a haunted house which tries to possess them and make them kill each other. Shortly after the family discovers the house was built on an Indian burial ground, the house chooses to destroy itself rather than go on living with the Simpsons.

                                        Hungry Are the Damned: In their first ever appearance, the one-eyed aliens Kang and Kodos abduct the Simpsons and take them to their planet, wheere the family will be treated like gods. Along the way, they feed the family many sumptuous meals. Lisa thinks that the aliens are going to eat them, but it just turns out they were trying to give them a decent dinner.

                                        The Raven: James Earl Jones narrates the classic Edgar Allen Poe tale with Homer being pestered by a raven that quotes "Eat my shorts". (Sound familiar?)
                                        Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish
                                          Season 2Episode 4
                                          Bart and Lisa go fishing downstream of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and Springfield Shopper reporter Dave Shutton pulls up just as Bart catches a three-eyed fish, which the media nicknames Blinky. From the resulting publicity the state governor, Mary Bailey, calls for an investigation of the power plant. After the inspection, Mr. Burns is presented with a list of 342 violations, which would cost $56 million to rectify. Distraught, Mr. Burns talks to Homer, who half-heartedly suggests Mr. Burns run for Governor so that he could change the standards and prevent the plant from being shut down. Mr. Burns pounces on the idea, knowing that he will not have to pay to bring the plant up to code anymore.

                                          Burns's political advisors break the news to Burns that he is greatly despised by many people and force Burns to try being friendly and even smile. Burns also does a TV commercial, discussing Blinky with an actor portraying Charles Darwin, who claims Blinky is an evolutionary step. Combined with a promise to lower taxes and a smear campaign against Mary Bailey Burns ties Bailey in the polls. On the night before the election, Smithers and his other advisors suggest that Burns have dinner at the home of a middle class family as an opportunity to put Burns "over the top." Burns scans his employees for the most average man he can find, and Homer is chosen.

                                          The impending dinner with Burns divides the Simpson household. Homer supports Burns, while Marge and Lisa oppose him. (It is unknown whether Bart supports or opposes Burns, or if he even cares about the election's outcome, although at one point he is wearing a "Vote for Burns" T-shirt, most likely being forced to do so by Homer.) Before the dinner arrives, Burns's advisors prepare the family for the event, even giving them pre-written questions to ask in lieu of conversation. Lisa becomes disillusioned by it all, but Marge tells her not to worry. To everyone's surprise, Marge serves Blinky, the three-eyed fish that Bart caught, for dinner. Mr. Burns tries to act as if it does not bother him, but is not able to keep from spitting it out. The cameras flash as the bite flies through the air, but the press is gone and his gubernatorial campaign dissolutes by the time the chunk hits the floor. Bailey wins the election and the Simpson family got together again. It is unknown whether Burns has paid to bring the plant up to full code, but in the end, he swore that Homer's dreams will go 'unfulfilled'. While Homer is despondent by Burns' threat, Marge cheers Homer up by saying that his dreams to be a husband and father have already been fulfilled, and that his other dreams of desserts and sleeping in late on weekends are unable to taken away by any one man such as Burns.