Ice Cream Soup
    Season 1Episode 1
    Pee-wee's friends come over to swim. Captain Karl is lost at sea and Globey and Conkey help him reach the sandwich islands. Pee-wee makes potato/pencil art. Everyone comes in for ice cream soup. Pee-wee finally makes his wish.

    - Dixie and The King of Cartoons appears in all episodes of Season 1.
    - The cartoons in Season 1 were shown on a projector
    - Cowboy Curtis, Mrs. Steve, Playhouse Gang, Miss Yvonne, and Tito visit in this episode. Captain Karl is only seen on the picture phone.
    - In Season 1, the secret word is written with the first letter capitalized and the other letters are lower cased.
    -The scooter door is an ironing board that opens when Pee-wee pulls on the iron.

    -Nobody screams when Pee-Wee says, "Who's at the door?"

    Secret word: door
    Connect-the-dots: car
    Snack: Ice cream soup
    Wish: Everyone would come back next time.
    Luau for Two
      Season 1Episode 2
      Pee-wee and Magic Screen play their versions of Simon says. The Playhouse Gang plays with Pteri. Pee-wee wins a Hawaiian dinner for two from a phone call contest. Pee-wee has fun with tape. Captain Carl shows a documentary on Hawaii. Pee-wee begins to feel that everyone is being nice to him because they only want to go to the dinner with him. Pee-wee asks Jambi for help.

      - George McGrath voiced the host.
      - The Playhouse Gang, Cowntess, Miss Yvonne, Mrs. Steve, Captain Carl, and Tito visit in this episode.
      - First time Pee-wee is not around when The King of Cartoons comes over.
      - First time Pee-wee plays indoor golf.
      - First time Chairy says "Gotcha" after Pee-wee comes out of the Magic Screen.
      - Pee-wee does the same tape on his face in "Pee-wee's Big Adventure.

      Secret word: fun
      Connect-the-dots: jack-in-the-box
      Wish: To share the Hawaiian dinner with everyone.
      Snack: Hawaiian food
      Rainy Day
        Season 1Episode 3
        Pee-wee shows everyone that there are fun things to do on a rainy day (making paper planes, having an indoor campout, reading letters, making hot chocolate, and a whipped cream shave). He also learns not to make prank phone calls. When he gets bored, he asks Jambi for help.

        - First appearance of Reba, the exercise belt and the magic glasses.
        - Miss Yvonne calls to say she can't come over.
        - Voiceovers Alison Mork and George McGrath play the housewife and cop.
        - Dixie doesn't play her trumpet fanfare when the King of Cartoons arrives.
        - When Pee-wee asks for help (secret word) when the whipped cream sprays everywhere, the word is flashing in red.

        Secret Word: help
        Connect-the-dots: umbrella
        Snack: Hot chocolate
        Wish: It would stop raining.
        Now You See Me, Now You Don't
          Season 1Episode 4
          Pee-wee gets a magic kit in the mail and puts on a magic show. During the show, he makes himself disappear. At first, he enjoys fooling his friends, then realizes he can't make himself visible again, so he tries to turn to Jambi.

          - Reba delivers the magic kit. Cowboy Curtis, Miss Yvonne, Mrs. Steve, and Captain Carl come to the magic show. Tito is the assistant.
          - This is the first time that Dixie announces the King as the King of Cartoons instead of King Cartoon.
          - When Pee-wee takes the first bite of his salad, he says "The salad is a little dry," and no one screams even though the secret word is little.
          - Knucklehead's joke backfires in this episode.
          - Only time where Pee-wee scares the salesman away (he had no head the first time Jambi tried to make him visible again).
          - After the salesman leaves, the door doesn't close.

          Secret word: little
          Connect-the-dots: tree
          Snack: salad
          Wish: To be visible again.
          Just Another Day
            Season 1Episode 5
            Pee-wee plays with his magic glasses. Cowboy Curtis teaches Pee-wee sqare dancing and Pee-wee teaches Cowboy Curtis pogo dancing. They then have snack cowboy-style. Pee-wee shows the inside of his mind. Pee-wee and Conky play checkers (Conky wins). The playhouse has a rythm band with pots and pans. Pee-wee learns how the post office works.

            - Cowboy Curtis and Reba visit in this episode.
            - Dixie ack gets a new jacket in this episode.
            - During snacktime, many characters sing Playhouse on the Range (to the tune of Home on the Range):
            Playhouse Playhouse on the range
            where things are a little bit strange
            where often is heard the secret word.
            Cowntess:And the cows are all happy all day.
            - When Pee-wee comes out of Magic Screen, he lands on the floor, Chairry says safe.
            -Pee-wee lip-synchs to a record before leaving

            Secret word: back
            Connect-the-dots: Jungle Gym (and slide)
            Snack: Cowboy-style food
            Wish: Snack was done being cooked.
            Beauty Makeover
              Season 1Episode 6
              Jambi grants Pee-wee's wish poorly. Pee-wee plays fetch with Pteri. Pee-wee makes a space helmet out of a paper bag. Miss Yvonne gives Mrs. Steve a beauty makeover. Tito gives Pee-wee
              a piece of foil for his foil ball and a lucky penny. Cowntess borrows things for a tea party. The playhouse gang come over for fun.

              - Miss Yvonne, Mrs. Steve, Tito, and the playhouse gang visit in this episode.
              - Dixie stands in front of the door when she and the king come over.

              Secret word: time
              Connect-the-dots: dog sled
              Snack: none
              Wish: Someone would come over (Salesman).
              The Restaurant
                Season 1Episode 7
                Dixie's cab has a flat tire, so the King of Cartoons stays and plays indoor golf with
                Pee-wee. Pee-wee makes action toys out of construction paper. Captain Carl comes over for snacktime; Pee-wee decides to play restaurant and Captain Carl is the costomer and Pee-wee is the host and waiter, Captain Carl orders things off the menu and finds out they only have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Tito shows Pee-wee his scuba gear and they both have an underwater adventure together.

                - First time the King of Cartoons is seen after the cartoon
                - Captain Carl and Tito visit in this episode.
                - Captain Carl doesn't eat his sandwich.
                - First time lemonade is mentioned on the show.
                - Pee-wee wasted his wish.

                Secret word: day
                Connect-the-dots: shopping cart
                Snack: peanut butter and jelly sandwich
                Wish: Pee-wee wishes he knew what to wish for.
                Ants in Your Pants
                  Season 1Episode 8
                  Miss Yvonne comes over and plays house (Pee-wee as the dad, Miss Yvonne as the mom, Globey and Pteri as the kids, the fish as the pets, Reba as Grandma). Pee-wee walks on the ceiling with special shoes. The Playhouse Gang comes over to see the ant farm, but the ants got out and
                  Pee-wee asks Jambi for help. The characters maks parfaits. Everyone teaches Randy that he shouldn't smoke. Miss Yvonne and the Playhouse Gang return and they play Ring Around the Rosie and Musical Chairs.

                  - Miss Yvonne, Reba, and the Playhouse Gang visit in this episode.
                  - When Elvis gives Pee-wee the piece of foil,
                  Pee-wee had taken off one wall-walking shoe; but when he puts it on the foil ball, he has both wall walking shoes on.
                  - Only time where someone leaves the playhouse and comes back later.

                  Secret word: what
                  Connect-the-dots: spaceship
                  Snack: parfaits
                  Wish: That the ants never got out of the ant farm.
                  Monster in the Playhouse
                    Season 1Episode 9
                    Mrs. Steve warns the neighborhood of a green monster with one giant eye and two mouths that she saw. Pee-wee doesn't believe it until the monster appears. Pee-wee makes the monster a snack and asks Jambi to help everyone understand what the monster is saying; they learn that the monster's name is Roger and is a friendly monster. Everyone has fun with Roger until his mother calls and tells him to come home; she also invites Pee-wee over for dinner.

                    - Reba, Mrs.Steve, and Tito visit in this episode.
                    - First time Reba says the secret word.
                    - Dixie doesn't play the trumpet.
                    - Wayne White voiced Roger.
                    - First time there was no connect-the-dots.
                    - Roger scares away the salesman.
                    - This is the only time where someone else rides on the scooter with Pee-wee (taking Roger home).

                    Secret word: look
                    Connect-the-dots: None
                    Snack: giant sub sandwich for Roger
                    Wish: To know what Roger was saying.
                    The Cowboy and the Cowntess
                      Season 1Episode 10
                      Cowboy Curtis comes over to have fun. Pee-wee and Cowboy Curtis play hide and seek. Miss Yvonne calls and asks Cowboy Curtis out on a date; Pee-wee and Cowntess help Cowboy Curtis have a great date. Pee-wee makes french toast. Pee-wee and Dirty Dog watch the Dinosaur family's vacation home movies. Pee-wee makes a sock puppet out of an old sock. Conky comes up with a new dance called "The Conky."

                      - Cowboy Curtis and Tito visit in this episode. Miss Yvonne appears on the picture phone.
                      - Dixie and the King of Cartoons come in at the same time (without Dixie announcing his arrival).
                      - First time someone other than Pee-wee uses the wish.

                      Secret word: good
                      Connect-the-dots: helicopter
                      Snack: french toast
                      Wish: Cowboy Curtis wishes for a new pair of boots.
                      Stolen Apples
                        Season 1Episode 11
                        Pee-wee doesn't get any mail, so he writes a letter to Captain Carl; when he tries to give it to Reba to deliver, Captain Carl comes over and Pee-wee gives him the letter and Captain Carl gives
                        Pee-wee a telescope. Mrs. Steve confronts Randy for stealing her apples, and warns him not to do it again or she will turn him in to the cops. Randy plans to do it again until he gets a stomachache.
                        Pee-wee becomes a fish for a little while. Pee-wee plays the four arms game with Tito. Pee-wee gives treats to the playhouse members

                        - Reba, Captain Carl, Mrs. Steve, and Tito visit in this episode.
                        - When Mrs. Steve gets Randy to come out from under the bed, she bounces on the bed.
                        - The King of Cartoons comes in wearing roller skates.
                        - When Pee-wee is riding the tractor, he is singing "Pee-wee Herman had a Farm," he sings the same song in "Big Top Pee-wee" while riding on a tractor.

                        Secret Word: there
                        Connect-the dots: tractor
                        Snack: banana
                        Wish: To be a fish for a short time.
                        The Gang's All Here
                          Season 1Episode 12
                          The Playhouse Gang comes over to play with their new friend Rusty. Pee-wee gives everyone a secret name (with -o at the end of everyone's name). Mama Dinosaur vacums and the vacum cleaner goes out of control and sucks up everything including Pee-wee and it's up to Jambi to help. The gang does other things like flash cards, draw pictures of Pee-wee, sing "Fraire Jaque", and make grilled cheese sandwiches. The gang later gets out of control, so Pee-wee asks them to leave, but they return later after seeing Pee-wee acting out of contol.

                          - The Playhouse Gang visit in this episode.
                          - Dixie doesn't wear her hat.
                          - Calvert DeForest played Rusty.

                          Secret word: okay
                          Connect-the-dots: crane
                          Snack: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
                          Wish: Getting Pee-wee out of the mouse hole.
                            Season 1Episode 13
                            Pee-wee has a party to celebrate friendship and invites all the friends who come visit. The party includes dancing, snacks and presents. When it seems like no one gets Pee-wee a present, everyone suprises him.

                            - Last appearances of Tito, Mrs. Steve, Cher, Elvis, Opal, Captain Carl, and the Salesman, and Dixie.
                            - This is also Gilbert Lewis' final appearance as The King of Cartoons.
                            - Randy gets invited, but is never seen at the party.
                            - First time Reba is seen out of uniform.
                            - Only time Pee-wee took the Salesman's incredible offer.
                            - Last time we see the foil ball.
                            - Chairry says she got a pillow from Miss Yvonne, but you can see Reba brought it.
                            - Rosemary Sykes played the Lady Genie

                            Secret word: this
                            Connect-the-dots: None
                            Snack: various party snacks
                            Wish: Jambi wishes for a girlfriend (Pee-wee's present to Jambi was his wish).
                            Open House
                              Season 2Episode 1
                              Pee-wee redecorates the playhouse and invites his friends over to help. He then tricks everyone into cleaning up by pretending that the work is fun. After redecorating, they have a tea party and play London Bridge. Everyone meets Pee-wee's new neighbor, Mrs. Rene.

                              - Secret word is now typed on a slip pf paper big enough to fit the whole word (capitalized), the word flashes on screen in all lower case letters.
                              - First appearances of Ricardo, Mrs. Rene, Floory, and Clockey.
                              - William Marshall takes over the role of The King of Cartoons.
                              - The King of Cartoons now shows cartoons on a TV with a special remote
                              - Cowboy Curtis, Miss Yvonne, Reba, Ricardo, and Mrs. Rene visit in this episode.
                              - First time Pee-wee plays with Billy Baloney.
                              - Pee-wee donates his foil ball to the foil museum and starts a rubberband ball.
                              - Pee-wee's scooter door opens with a discuss throwing statue, Pee-wee also wears a helmet starting with this episode.
                              - Starting with this episode, Pee-wee flys past Mount Rushmore on his scooter in the closing.

                              Secret word: house (playhouse)
                              Connect-the-dots: none
                              Snack: sun tea and cookies
                              Wish: Jambi wishes for another cup of tea.
                              Puppy in the Playhouse
                                Season 2Episode 2
                                Cowntess shows Pee-wee home movies of her vacation. Globey teaches Pee-wee how to say "Hello, my name is _____" in French and Chinese. King of Cartoons finds a puppy on the porch. Pee-wee calls Mrs. Rene and she tells him what to do. Everyone enjoys the puppy and wishes to keep it, but discover it belongs to Reba. Everyone makes macaroni art.

                                - Reba visits in this episode, Mrs. Rene appears on the picture phone.
                                - Pee-wee plays with a toy dinosaur, while the dinosaur kids play with a Pee-wee doll.
                                - Pee-wee names the puppy Aloysuis.
                                - Jambi is allergic to puppies.

                                Secret word: over
                                Connect-the-dots: none
                                Snack: rasins
                                Wish: Pee-wee tries to wish that Aloysius had identification but Jambi can't stop sneezing.
                                  Season 2Episode 3
                                  Mrs. Rene uses the exercise belt. Everyone tries to guess the secret word. Pee-wee makes frozen fruit cubes for snack. Cowboy Curtis comes over, and they have an adventure in the Magic Screen. Pee-wee reads pen pal letters. Cowboy Curtis sings a song. Miss Yvonne comes over and plays store. Everyone has the frozen fruit cubes.

                                  - Mrs. Rene, Cowboy Curtis, Reba, and Miss Yvonne visit in this episode.
                                  - First time Cowboy Curtis plays the guitar.
                                  - First time someone other than Pee-wee goes in the Magic Screen.
                                  - First time a Penny cartoon is shown before The King of Cartoons shows a cartoon.
                                  - First time there was no wish in an episode.

                                  Secret word: more
                                  Connect-the-dots: rail cart
                                  Snack: Frozen fruit cubes
                                  Wish: none
                                  Pee-wee Catches a Cold
                                    Season 2Episode 4
                                    Ricardo teaches Pee-wee somersaults, and discovers Pee-wee isn't feeling well. Ricardo tells Pee-wee to take it easy, but he still has fun until he gets worse; he also gets cranky and snaps at everyone. Later, Ricardo returns with Miss Yvonne (as nurse) to help Pee-wee get better, The King of Cartoons also gives Pee-wee comics to read. Ricardo also teaches Pee-wee that in order to stay healthy, he shoud eat right and get some fresh air.

                                    - Ricardo and Miss Yvonne visit in this episode.
                                    - First time Pee-wee is seen in his pajamas and house slippers.

                                    Secret word: out
                                    Connect-the-dots: none
                                    Snack: chicken soup
                                    Wish: none
                                    Why Wasn't I Invited?
                                      Season 2Episode 5
                                      Pee-wee plays with his toy robot. The flowers find a caterpillar in their flower bed. Magic Screen shows a documentary on how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Mrs. Rene walks by on her way to Cowntess' birthday party. Pee-wee learns that Randy, Globey, Pteri, and Conky were invited. Pee-wee, Magic Screen, and Chairry try to have fun but they don't, so Pee-wee writes the Advice Lady and she calls and gives Pee-wee advice. Pee-wee calls Cowntess and tells her off, then feels bad. Pee-wee, Magic Screen, and Chairry finally get their invitations. Cowntess comes over and Pee-wee apologizes to her and goes to the party.

                                      - Mrs. Rene and Reba appear in this episode.
                                      - George McGrath voiced the Advice Lady.

                                      Secret word: all
                                      Connect-the-dots: none
                                      Snack: Celery with cream chease or peanut butter and cheese and crackers
                                      Wish: none
                                      Tons of Fun
                                        Season 2Episode 6
                                        Pee-wee and the members of the playhouse
                                        lyp-synch to an old record. Pee-wee plays with the Playhouse Gang. While Pee-wee's gone, Cowboy Curtis comes over and sings a song about flowers, Miss Yvonne comes over and clog dances; she later takes a bubble bath. Everyone decides to suprise Pee-wee with a snack, only Pee-wee also brings back a snack. Everyoe has snacktime.

                                        - The Playhouse Gang, Cowboy Curtis, and Miss Yvonne visit in this episode.
                                        - First appearance of Rapunzel, Fabian and Lil' Punkin.

                                        Secret word: cool
                                        Connect-the-dots: roller coaster
                                        Snack: ice cream and cake pudding
                                        Wish: Miss Yvonne wishes for clogging shoes.
                                          Season 2Episode 7
                                          Pee-wee reads a book. The Playhouse gang comes over and have a breakfast snack and watch a cartoon. Creativity with pipe cleaners. Everyone plays school (Pee-wee as teacher, Magic Screen as Blackboard, Globey as Globe). Mrs. Rene teaches acting. Pee-wee and the Playhouse Gang talk about jobs that they could have.

                                          - The Playhouse Gang and Mrs. Rene visit in this episode.
                                          - Last appearance of Rapunzel, Fabian, Lil' Punkin, and Knucklehead.
                                          - Pee-wee makes a dinosaur out of pipe cleaners, while the dinosaur kids make a Pee-wee that does the Pee-wee dance.
                                          - First time Pee-wee doesn't reveal the secret word, Rapunzel does it in this episode.

                                          Secret word: easy
                                          Connect-the-dots: none
                                          Snack: Cereal and fresh fruit
                                          Wish: To play in a rock band.