I Spy With My Hairy Eye
    Season 1Episode 1
    I Spy With My Hairy Eye
    I Spy With My Hairy Eye
      Season 1Episode 1
      I Spy With My Hairy Eye
        Season 1Episode 1
        The Big Chill Out
          Season 1Episode 2
          Bad Hair Day
            Season 1Episode 3
            Raiders of the Lost Banana
              Season 1Episode 4
              Ape Foo Young
                Season 1Episode 5
                Booty and the Beast
                  Season 1Episode 6
                  Kong for a Day
                    Season 1Episode 7
                    Buried Treasure
                      Season 1Episode 8
                      Episode #1.9
                        Season 1Episode 9
                        Get a Life, Don't Save One
                          Season 1Episode 10
                            Season 1Episode 11
                            Double Date Trouble
                              Season 1Episode 12
                              The Curse of Kongo Bongo
                                Season 1Episode 13
                                Bluster's Sales Ape-stravaganza
                                  Season 1Episode 14
                                  Klump's Lumps
                                    Season 1Episode 15
                                    Donkey and Diddy were helping Dixie find her lost pet lobster. Diddy tells her to get another pet but Dixie says that pets always run away. Meanwhile, Klump is showing Krool his plan and it's focused on TNT Barrels. Klump accidentally explodes one of them and this makes Krool really mad. He tells Klump that he's always a failure. Krool fires Klump from his job and Klump was shocked. Klump walks in the junlge alone and starts to bawl and cry loud. Dixie heard him and came. Klump tells her that he doesn't have friends and family and starts to cry again. Dixie tells him that she is going to be his friend and this makes Klump happy. She brings Klump into their place and Donkey, Diddy, and Cranky was surprised! Klump swears that he will help the Kongs and guard the crystal coconut for the rest of his life. He starts helping the Kongs but his help always screws up everything. One night, Diddy, Donkey, and Cranky was talking about Klump and says that he doesn't belong here and they don't want to hurt Dixie or Klump's feelings. Klump hears them and starts to leave the jungle. Dixie was telling her scaly friend to come back but he has the feeling that he's not wanted by other Kongs. On his way, he meets Krool and General Krusha (the new but dumb general) and Klump wants to work back at their factory again. Krool agrees but he can come back again in one condition... he must steal the crystal coconut from the Kongs. Klump don't want to do this. What is he going to do?
                                    Kong Fu
                                      Season 1Episode 17
                                      Watch the Skies
                                        Season 1Episode 19
                                        1.I Spy With My Hairy Eye
                                          Season 1Episode 20
                                          1.I Spy With My Hairy Eye
                                          2.The Big Chill Out
                                          3.Bad Hair Day
                                          4.Radiers Of The Lost Banana
                                          5.Ape Foo Young
                                          6.Booty And The Beast
                                          7.Kong For A Day
                                          8.From Zero To Hero
                                          9.Buried Treasure
                                          10.Cranky's Tickle Young
                                          11.Get A Life, Don't Save One
                                          12.The Curse Of Kongo Bongo
                                          15.Klump's Lumps
                                          16.Bluster's Sale Ape-Stravaganza
                                          17.Kong Fu
                                          18.Bug A Boogie
                                          19.Watch The Skies
                                          20.Baby Kong Blues