Fire Sale
    Season 1Episode 1
    The Wheel Thing
      Season 1Episode 2
      Send in the Clown
        Season 1Episode 3
        King Koopa launches dinosaurland's very first circus deep in the heart of Neon Castle. But what his customers don't know is that they were actually led into a trap to feed Koopa's hungry dinosaurs.
          Season 1Episode 4
          Gopher Bash
            Season 1Episode 10
            Peach lets Luigi teach the cavepeople farming and Cheatsy and some Monty Moles want the food. Along the way, Mario and friends find out the food is gone, so then Yoshi encounters Piranah Plants to eat, & Mario and friends find Cheatsy's secret underground dungeon. A musical sequence is shown and Luigi drops a pile of Monty Moles onto Cheatsy. The crops are then finally given back to the cavepeople just to find that Yoshi ate it all! Yoshi is now punished and has to create new crops.
            Mama Luigi
              Season 1Episode 13
              When Yoshi goes to bed, he wants Luigi to tell him a story. Luigi tells him the story when he found Yoshi, and when Yoshi rescued Princess Peach. NOTE: During this time, Princess Peach was called "Princess Toadstool".