The Case of Big Boss' Master Plan (2 Parts)
    Season 1Episode 1
    The President of The United States (who is an African American woman) is traveling to Empire City to attend a dedication ceremony of a brand new state-of-the-art aircraft carrier built as part of the country's defense. She is traveling on board the presidential train with Agent Belson and many other secret service agents who's there on the train to provide security for her. Bulletproof, Hardtop, and LongArm are also there for additional security as well. But this doesn't stop Berserko, Buttons McBoomBoom, and Ms. Demeanor from breaking into the train, kidnap the president, and took her away by the orders of Big Boss who then agree to release her in exchanged for the aircraft carrier he wants to have for his own. The C.O.P.S. team and Mayor Davis agrees, only for Big Boss to double cross them by making them receive an android version of the president while he and his crooks went out to take procession of the aircraft carrier and continues to hold the real Madame President captive.

    (Part 2)

    Empire City is plunged into a state of crisis when Big Boss tells everyone that Empire city is all his and he's got the president all lock up tight in a cage on board the aircraft carrier he and his crooks went forth and took over. The citizens are forced to bow to Big Boss' demands and leave the city forever if they ever want to see the president again. As for C.O.P.S., Big Boss wants them to stay in the city and be locked away in prison so he can get back at them for all the times they imprisoned the crooks. They aren't there for long. With the help of Belson and his men, the C.O.P.S. team escape and go out to rescue the president, bring the city back to normal, and be awarded the Medal of Honor by Madam President for their brave efforts.
    The Case of The Thieving Robots
      Season 1Episode 1
      Dr. BadVibes decides to toy around with the idea of creating toy size robots and programs them to steal items from the homes of the children who own them. Brian O'Malley, the son of LongArm, gets one of the robots for his birthday. Named "Rocky", this robot goes and steals a family heirloom, a green leprechaun statue passed down from LongArm's great-grandfather, and runs off with it. Brian follows the robot to where BadVibes set up his hideout at an old abandoned toy factory right near the sewers. There, he gets captured and is held captive by BadVibes, who winds up arguing with Buzzbomb over the share of the stolen loot, hurting his feelings in the process. Brian must talk Buzzbomb into releasing and helping him, Sundown, and his father put a stop to BadVibes and his army of thieving robots.
      The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1 (2 parter)
        Season 1Episode 1
        Part 1

        This, along with part 2, should have been the first episode of the series (though opening narration indicates Bulletproof is telling this story after-the-fact). Welcome to Empire City! Where we meet for the first time the nefarious Crime Boss, Brandon "Big Boss" Babel and his team of crooked lackeys who's holding the entire city in their grip of terror. Federal Agent, Baldwin P. Vess (A.K.A. Bulletproof) is sent to take him and his crooks down. Unfortunately, he gets seriously injured and has to be taken to the hospital. He is given a new lease on life with a cybernetic torso and the formation of a team of the most highly trained law enforcers in the entire country known as The Central Organization of Police Specialists - C.O.P.S.!

        Part 2

        he Ultimate Crime Machine, a huge air vessel shaped like a UFO flying saucer, looms over Empire City. Piloted by Turbo Tu-Tone, Buzzbomb, and Rock Krusher, this machine hovers over the Empire City Mint, rips it off of its foundation with powerful cables and carries it up into the sky with Bulletproof inside of it! It's up to the C.O.P.S. team to stop the large vessel and thwart the first of many criminal schemes rigged up by Big Boss.
        The Case Of The Baffling Bugman
          Season 1Episode 1
          A mysterious Bugman with his huge swarm of trained bugs led by Gaylord, his prize bug is pulling robberies at various jewelry stores and wants to join up with Big Boss' crooked gang. That doesn't work out for him. Especially when The Bugman winds up having his precious swarm "bugnapped" by Nightshade and Buttons McBoomBoom, who uses them to pull their own jewel heists. The Bugman seeks aid from Mainframe and Bowser and Blitz, who not only helps him get his bugs back, they turn around and arrest the Bugman as well.
          The Case of The Bogus Bride
            Season 1Episode 1
            Crooked Wedding bells are ringing as Jamie Wheeler, a con artist, makes plans to marry Berserko as part of a plot to run off with a horde of stolen gold bars Big Boss has stashed away at a hotel. The C.O.P.S. team will have to call off the wedding before Jamie heads to the altar with Berserko and out the door with the stolen horde.
            The Case of The Iceberg Pirates
              Season 1Episode 1
              A huge heatwave hits Empire City and the water supply for the city is nearly depleted. Inspector Yukon of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police offers a huge iceberg to help replenish the city's reservoir. Big Boss decides to steal the iceberg and hold it for ransom. The C.O.P.S. team must put the freeze on Big Boss' cold caper and deliver the Iceberg to Empire City before Krusher destroys it with his jack hammer. But first, Sundown has to learn how to swim.
              The Case of The Invisible Crime
                Season 1Episode 1
                Big Boss' crooks make themselves invisible to make things difficult for the C.O.P.S. team to catch them and to have an easy time committing robberies in the progress. This episode features Mace being highly annoyed by Airwave and his constant babbling. Airwave is the newest member of C.O.P.S. who serves the team as a communications expert and could make an excellent sportscaster if he hadn't chosen to be part of C.O.P.S.
                The Case of the Red Hot Hoodlum
                  Season 1Episode 1
                  Rock Krusher steals a special flaming suit that causes the wearer to go up in flames literally. With this special suit, he is able to create successful heists and escape from any trap the C.O.P.S. team laid out for him just by burning through walls and floors and incinerate anything in his path, until they are able to lead Krusher onto the Mountback Blimp, where, with the help of Nancy and Cathleen, they are able to trap Krusher by tricking him into melting through the floor to the outside of the blimp, causing him to get stuck through the blimp's bottom, screaming for help since his head is facing down below the city many, many feet up in the air and he's trying to hang on for his dear life. Krusher gives up at that point and is placed back behind bars where he belongs.
                  The Case of The Prison Break-in
                    Season 1Episode 1
                    Rock Krusher and Greasy, one of his cell inmates, took control of Graystone Prison and trapped all of the prison guards in a large force shield made by the De-Controller. An invention Scratch, Big Boss' pet weasel brought to him in The Case of The Prison Break-in. Then, He demands Mayor Davis and Commissioner Highwaters to meet up with his demands by 6:00 p.m. or else he will disintegrate Empire City Hall completely using a large disintegrating device known as the Neutron Pulverizer that causes everything to disintegrate.

                    Meanwhile, "Maddog" A.K.A. Bowser, who went undercover as a prison inmate, sneaks into the control room and informed the rest of the C.O.P.S. team about Krusher's plan just before Krusher came and destroy the communication device cutting off all communication in the process. The C.O.P.S. begin to worry about their friend and what to do to stop Krusher's plan until BulletProof had an idea. "We'll Break into the prison the same way prisoners break out." he suggested and that's what they did. Mace and Barricade broke in through the laundry truck, Mainframe and LongArm broke in through the ventilation shaft, and Blitz was able to break in just by tunneling in through the walls.

                    Blitz dug his way into prison and went after Krusher, who climbed up the Neutron Pulverizer to escape from him. Undaunted Blitz raced several floors upward and made a huge leap in the air and lands himself on Krusher's back just as a fight ensues between Krusher and Bowser on the cockpit of the device after he realizes who "Mad Dog" really is thanks to Blitz who put Krusher into prison a while back. Mainframe freed the guards and a huge brawl erupted between the guards and the inmates that eventually ended with Bowser blasting the device to get their attention and shouting out to the inmates, "Freeze! We're C.O.P.S.! You're All Under Arrest!" And the guards cheered out their victory.

                    Krusher tried to escape but was eventually found himself back into his own prison cell in the end after he and Greasy were trapped in the ventilation shaft for 2 weeks trying to find their way out.
                    The Case of The Bulletproof Waldo
                      Season 1Episode 1
                      BulletProof came face-to-face with a clone version of himself that Dr. BadVibes had created: a robotic clone that was controlled and operated by a small robot named Waldo which tried to use him to replace the real BulletProof and give C.O.P.S. a hard time. Turbo Tu-Tone sneaked into BulletProof’s green car and seized control over it, leaving BulletProof trapped inside it all the way to his garage, where Turbo used a large power magnet to pin BulletProof way up in the air.

                      Then, Waldo went to the precinct and assume the role of the real BulletPproof with Big Boss and BadVibes keeping a close watch on him through the monitor. When the coffee is brought out for the C.O.P.S. to drink, Waldo, out of curiosity, splashes hot coffee in his ear for an unpleasant experience to see what coffee is like, not liking it at all, and then smashes the cup on the table. The C.O.P.S. look up. Waldo assures them that everything is fine.

                      He then tries to pet Blitz, Bowser’s robot dog companion, who came in wanting attention. Blitz, however, who knows the real Bulletproof, is the only C.O.P.S. member who can easily identify Waldo as a faker. He growls and barks at him when Waldo tries to reach out to pet him. Bowser goes to calm him down and assure him that everything is all right. Bowser checks on Blitz’s circuitry only to see nothing wrong with him. That’s when he hears a distress signal coming from Blitz being given out by the real BulletProof, who sends out a distress signal from his cybernetic torso.

                      Mainframe complains to Bowser about BulletProof ordering the team around and not being himself. This gives Bowser the suspicion that there is an impostor roaming around the precinct and the real BulletProof is in trouble. So, Bowser and Blitz go to rescue the real BulletProof who is still being held inside Turbo’s garage.

                      As Bowser and Blitz track down where the signal is coming from, Turbo, at Big Boss’ orders, tries to dispose the real BulletProof by sending a small robotic insect to dismantle his robotic body chip by chip while he goes out to rob a bank. Fortunately, Bowser and Blitz arrived right in the nick of time to rescue BulletProof and dispatch the bug, which tries to make a getaway. Blitz catches the bug and destroys it while Bowser frees BulletProof from a huge magnet and together, the three C.O.P.S. race back to the precinct to oust the faker, who hears an incoming report from Mainframe about a bank robbery. Waldo declares the report a fake and orders the team not to respond. When the C.O.P.S. protest, Waldo starts yelling at them, threatening suspension if they don’t do as he says. Taken aback by the harshness of Waldo, the C.O.P.S. team suspect that this is not the BulletProof they know and love. The real BulletProof would never yell at them, restrain them from doing their jobs, nor give out harsh, cruel orders to them. Just then, the real BulletProof, Bowser, and Blitz arrive.

                      “There the impostor! Arrest him!” Waldo demands. “No way!” Mainframe calls out defiantly. Blitz barks aggressively at Waldo. “I’ll show you who the impostor is!” the real BulletProof yells back, and a fight between the two BulletProofs ensues that ends shortly afterwards with BulletProof tricking Waldo into flying through the window and falling five stories down to the concrete pavement, screaming like Big Boss all the way. With that, Bulletproof sends the faker to the scrap heap.

                      “BulletProof?” Hardtop asks as they point to him, seeing Blitz running up to greet BulletProof and receive a warm stroke from him.

                      BulletProof: “There is a robbery in progress at the Empire National Bank. Proceed there at once. IT’S CRIME FIGHTING TIME!”

                      The C.O.P.S. cheer, happy that the real BulletProof has returned. With that, the C.O.P.S. gleefully head off, arriving at the bank just in time to bag Turbo and send him all the way to the slammer.

                      Mainframe: “Welcome back, sir.”
                      The Case of the Criminal Mall
                        Season 1Episode 1
                        BadVibes and Buzzbomb was planning on a caper of their own at the grand opening of a large shopping mall. They were planning on stealing a super computer brain to the mall's theft proof security system built by Mr. Keen, who thinks he can replace all of the security alarms, systems, guards, law enforcers, even (gasp!) C.O.P.S. with this device. But BadVibes begs to differ. Posing as a shoe shine boy, BadVibes polished Keen's shoes, while Buzzbomb scrubed some glowing fluid on the soles of the shoes that acts as a stamping device that leaves behind long lasting glowing footprints Keen leaves behind as he walks away for BadVibes and Buzzbomb to follow, which leades them all the way to the brain of the security system.

                        Meanwhile, Bowser and Blitz along with Mainframe gets into the mall to go after Badvibes and arrest him. But, just as Bowser and friends were able to corner BadVibes, Robotic Palm trees that are part of the security system captures the C.O.P.S. and holds them captive until Buzzbomb rips the brain off its base and the whole system goes haywire and the brain starts to run away leaving Badvibes and Buzzbomb to persue it all over the mall. The chaos freed Bowser, Blitz, and Mainframe from the bonds of the palm leaves. Bowser tried to call in the calvary but they were unable to call in for reinforcements so they had to take care of the problem themselves. Blitz is able to take off and catch the brain that is running from BadVibes and Buzzbomb, who are hot pursuing it just before they crashed into Berserko and Rock Krusher, who was sent by Big Boss to help BadVibes steal the brain. Both were seen running away from one the security robots that's also gone haywire along with everything else.

                        Mainframe and Blitz were sent to take case of the Brain while Bowser handle the crook clean-up. Blitz helped Mainframe to get through the doors that's uncontrollablely opening and closing by holding onto the doors long enough for Mainframe to passed through. She makes it to the main room, where she reattacted the brain to the main system and the chaos instantly stopped.

                        Meanwhile, Bowser begins arresting the crooks for attempted robbery. However, Buzzbomb came along and bailed only BadVibes and Rock Krusher out and flew through the window and out of the Mall with BadVibes saying to him, "You've done good Buzzbomb. Ye ha ha ha Ha!" Berserko on the other hand was arrested and taken to prison.

                        Mr. Keen, in charged of security, arrived after he got word of what happened and says he learned a valuable lesson: No Computer, no matter how smart, could ever replaced a human being. Blitz barks and Bowser affirms that there's nothing wrong with having a computer as a man's best friend. With that, Everybody all laughed.
                        The Case of The Lowest Crime
                          Season 1Episode 1
                          As Addictem sold another Crystal Twyst product to a buyer roaming the street, Buttons McBoomBoom made an unsuccessful attempt at committing another store robbery; the cash register is empty of its money contents from previous robberies made by those who did it to purchase more Crystal Twyst for themselves, so Buttons leaves the store only to have a run-in with Addictem who offers to sell him the Crystal Twyst, but Buttons rejected his offer, preferring to get his kicks from crime. Instead, Addictem requested to go see Big Boss about joining his criminal group in order to promote the product. Buttons took him to see Big Boss, who when shown of the product, smashes it with his iron hand and told Addictem flat out that he's not welcome in his criminal empire and that he and his organization will not tolerate any endorsement of illegal drugs ever. So, Big Boss orders Buttons to throw him out. Later, Berserko, Buttons, and Rock Krusher heads to the storage dock where a large blimp is importing a priceless gold statue from South America to Empire City. Big Boss wanted the crooks to steal the statue. So Berserko, Buttons, and Rock Krusher head to the dock and dispatches the guards with sleeping gas. Then, they climbed up a stack of crates to steal the statue inside the top crate, unaware that Addictem and his 2 henchmen has come by to pick up a cache of Crystal Twyst they secretly smuggled into Empire City along with the statue. But they hadn't count on Berserko making a slip-up and fall right into the crate full of Crystal Twyst that absorbs right into his body, forcing him into a coma. Berserko is rushed into the hospital where Big Boss and his own henchmen arrived to see how Berserko is doing and the results are not good. Big Boss, upset over the matter, is shown by the hospital nurse to another person lying ill in bed, also heavily affected by Addictem's drug product. This prompted Big Boss to get his crooks and himself involve -- of all things -- with the C.O.P.S., who with little reluctance, agree to team up to catch Addictem and end his drug selling days for good. The chase was on with Blitz teaming up with Buzzbomb, Rock Krusher with LongArm, Buttons with Mace, Nightshade with Bullseye, and Bulletproof and Big Boss at the terminal urging the 2 teams on. Addictem is chased into the hospital where he was caught by Blitz who grabbed him by the arm. LongArm and Rock Krusher caught up with Addictem. LongArm points his gun at Addictem, but Addictem grabs the hospital nurse and attempts to use her as a human shield causing LongArm to lower his weapon. Then Berserko, who made a successful recovery from his drug overdose, emerges to nab Addictem from behind, forcing him to let her go. Thus, the drug lord is finally caught, placed under arrest, and gets sent to the 647th precinct, where Mainframe delivers a report of another crime being in progress. This time committed by the usual crooked bunch who returned back to their thieving ways right after Addictem is caught. In addition, Addictem was sentenced to life in prison.
                          The Case of The Crook with a Conscience
                            Season 1Episode 1
                            Ms. Demeanor was ordered by Judge Davis, Mayor Davis' twin brother, to wear a band on her head that tells her whether her actions are either right or wrong. Unfortunetely, that never worked out. Ms. Demeanor is overdoing it with the band and causing more trouble than she does without it.
                            The Case of Big Boss' Bye Bye
                              Season 1Episode 1
                              Sometimes Big Boss like to take advantage of the city's problems and uses it to his own advantage. In this episode, Empire City has lots of money troubles and Mayor Davis has declared that all unnecessary employment in Empire City must be eliminated. Bulletproof had to assure the C.O.P.S team that C.O.P.S. organization is not one of the unnecessary employment that needs to be put out of business. However, Big Boss made C.O.P.S. to be one of them by faking retirement and took off to a tropical island hideaway to await the C.O.P.S. be given the pink slip. Afterwards, Big Boss returns to pull a heist on the Empire Central Railroad train that's coming to Empire City to deliver relief funds to the city, which was successfully thwarted by Bulletproof, Mainframe, and Mace, who all got their jobs back afterwards.
                              The Case of The Missing Memory
                                Season 1Episode 1
                                Sundown, while suffering from amnesia after being knocked out by a fallen lamp post, unwittingly teaches Big Boss' Crooks all the tricks and traits of what it's like to be a cowboy, not knowing that this is part of Big Boss' plot to use Sundown as a pawn to commit an armored truck robbery. Sundown later regains his memory and helps the C.O.P.S. team put a stop to the heist and nab the rustlers along the way.
                                The Case of Mace's Romance
                                  Season 1Episode 1
                                  Both Mace and Nightshade has a soft spot (And a loving relationship too.) for one another and is greatly in love with each other even though they are the exact opposites of who they are. Because of this, Mainframe has been known to make jokes about it much to Mace's annoyance. When Mace and Nightshade first met in this caper, it wasn't really romantic at first. Mace is doing his job of making an arrest and Nighshade was the one he's after for a crime she didn't commit. Nightshade is accused of kidnapping her own sister, while it was really Buttons McBoom Boom, who disguse himself as Nightshade, kidnaps Cathleen and framed Nightshade for it (at Big Boss's orders just because he wants Nightshade to rob a ballroom of charity money being raised to help the city's homeless, but she demands him to pay her more than he gives her to do the heist. So, Big Boss blackmails her by sending Mc BoomBoom over to kidnap her sister and frame Nightshade for it.). Later on, Nightshade is reunited with her sister in a ballroom, where Big Boss plans to steal money donations given at a party that is supposed to be used to help the city's homeless. There, Nightshade helps Mace rescue her sister, clear her name, and prevent the ballroom heist. Later, just after Mace yells at Mainframe, "GO TO WOOOORRRRRK!!!" after being highly annoyed by her making jokes about him and Nightshade while chanting, "Mace got a girlfriend.", Nightshade calls up Mace at the 647 Precient to thank him once again for helping in clearing her name and rescue her sister from the crooks. There, romance begins to bloom and blossom as Nightshade blew a kiss from the precient window just before taking off into the night--and we see Nightshade's kiss on Mace's right cheek a moment later.
                                  The Case of The Boy Nobody Wanted
                                    Season 1Episode 1
                                    This episode is where Brian O'Malley, Longarm's son, and Mrs. O'Malley, Longarm's wife, helps out an underprivilaged boy. At the end of the episode, A mishap occurred in Big Boss' penthouse that involves his computer system malfunctioning when a fake disk, switched from a real disk Big Boss was after, gets inserted into the computer, making the whole system malfunction greatly. A large vacuum cleaner chased and sucked up poor, skinny Squeeky Kleen inside of it. And finally there was Big Boss yelling out from his penthouse window, "YOU DID THIS TO ME, BULLETPROOF!!!" as the camera zooms out ending the scene.
                                    The Case of The Pardner in Crime
                                      Season 1Episode 1
                                      Sundown had a partner, who became a notorious train robber named Johnny Yuma, who escaped from prison to take on Sundown in this episode. In this caper, BulletProof tells the C.O.P.S. about Sundown and his ex-"pardner", Johnny Yuma and how this ex-deputy became greedy and turned himself towards a life a crime, beginning to commit train robberies for a long time until Sundown was able to capture him and put him in prison. Sundown, upon learning about what happened, insists on taking on Yuma all by himself. He even tried to prove that point by lassoing Mainframe and Barricade, tying them up to a street sign that's part of an exhibit display at the Crime Museum, and leaving them behind to struggle themselves free. However, Yuma, later on, began to make amends for his actions against Sundown during a gunslinging bout with Big Boss' minions, who are attempting to rob a train before Johnny does. Together, the 2 cowboys both stop the crooks and halted a train robbery attempt in the process. In the end, Yuma, seeing the error of his ways, reconciles with Sundown and renews his partnership with him before returning back to his hometown to serve the rest of his sentence and to make amends for what he did back in Texas as a criminal.
                                      The Case of The Spotless Kingpin
                                        Season 1Episode 1
                                        Squeeky was ordered by Big Boss to create for him a special suit that allows him to resist all kinds of dirt since Big Boss was getting so sick and tired of getting stains on his favorite normal suit. So, Squeeky went to get help from Berserko and Rock Krusher, who was playing cards at their rundown apartment on the bad side of town. Together, Big Boss' crooks broke into the labs to steal some chemicals to help in making the spotless suit. Upon hearing of this, Bulletproof sends out Highway, Bowser, and Blitz to take them down. When they arrived at the location where the crooks are making the suit, Berserko witlessly throws the suit at them despite Squeeky's protest. After they are able to subdue and get away from the C.O.P.S., Squeeky presented the suit to Big Boss. He puts it on - And the dirt started to be pulled away - from the furniture....from the floor....from the whole HIM! Big Boss is completely covered with dirt from neck to toe. Berserko must have messed up the chemicals from the suit when he threw it at the C.O.P.S., who eventually escaped from being sewn onto a fabric and returing to the precient dreading the If-you-can't-catch-a-Crook,-don't-wear-a-badge speech from Bulletproof. Now the so-called spotless suit is now a spot-filled suit thanks to Berserko's carelessness.

                                        Big Boss, so enraged, ordered his crooks to fix up a formula that will reverse the effects of the ill-fated suit and get the dirt away from him. So Squeeky had to have Dr. BadVibes make out the formula hoping that will cure him of this dirty predicament. Later, Squeeky was able to escape from the C.O.P.S. again, who was able to, this time, nab Berserko and Rock Crusher and put them both in the slammer. He raced back to Big Boss at his penthouse with the formula and at his order splashed the formula on him and see the dirt gets dissolved away - and the suit too, revealing Big Boss' pig trousers, a white sweatshirt, and one angry Big Boss chasing after poor old Sqeeky Kleen.
                                        The Case of The Lost Boss
                                          Season 1Episode 1
                                          Where's Big Boss? That's what his henchmen would like to know. After discussing plans to snag an island getaway, Big Boss is seized by an ear while going into the subway and gets kidnapped. When the crooks realize what's happening, they go out and kidnap Barricade and hold him captive assuming he and the C.O.P.S. were the ones who captured Big Boss and brought him into custody. On the other hand, The crooks are unaware that it was really Big Momma, Big Boss' mother, who has made a surprise move to Empire City, where she "kidnaps" her son and brought him back home so she can deliver him into custody when the C.O.P.S. arrive to arrest him.