wishful thinking
    Season 1Episode 1
      Season 1Episode 1
      Kevin In Videoland
        Season 1Episode 1
        Mother Brain has been laying siege to the Palace of Power for seven years. When it seems like all is lost, the Ancient Prophecy declares a young warrior (Captain N: The Game Master), who would lead them to victory. The Ultimate Warp Zone opens in the room of Kevin Keene, who is playing video games when he's supposed to be cleaning his room. The warp zone pulls Kevin in through his TV and his dog, Duke, jumps in after him. Kevin arrives in Video Land, at the feet of several Nintendo game heroes (Mega Man, Kid Icarus and Simon Belmont). Princess Lana tries to give Kevin his mission, but he would prefer to leave. Meanwhile, Mother Brain sends two of her incompetent goons, Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo, to kidnap Lana. After failing to stop them, Kevin tries to get the N-Team to come up with a plan. Can they save Lana in time and stop Mother Brain's forces?
        Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas
          Season 1Episode 1
          Premiered September 1, 1989

          Kevin Keene, a teenager from Northridge, California, and his dog Duke are brought to another universe called Videoland, where Nintendo video games are real, to defeat the evil villianess Mother Brain. Mother Brian is trying to conquer Videoland. Kevin has been brought to defeat her, as foretold in an ancient prophecy. Kevin is given the title "Captain N: The Game Master." He and Duke join the N Team consisting of Princess Lana (the ruler of Videoland), Simon Belmont (the hero from "Castlevania"), Mega Man, Kid Icarus, and later Gameboy (a supercomputer that looks like a Game Boy system). The N Team goes up against the evil Mother Brain (the villianess from "Metroid") and her minions King Hippo (from "Punch Out"), the Eggplant Wizard (from "Kid Icarus"), Dr. Wily (from "Mega Man") and Count Dracula (from "Castlevania"). The forces of good and evil go up against each other and often find themselves in comical, hilarious situations.
            Season 1Episode 1
            Mother Brain and her minions challenge the N Team to an athletic event. Whoever wins gets the Throne to Videoland. But Mother Brain's real intention is to steal the Three Sacred Treasures from Mount Icarus. She uses them to send the N Team into the Warp Zone to Oblivion.
            How's Bayou
              Season 1Episode 2
              Mother Brain finds out that Kevin stinks at The Adventures of Bayou Billy. She has Dr. Wily make a robo-cat for her that she can control. It is sent to the Palace of Power. Meanwhile, Kevin is giving Lana dance lessons. Kevin suggests they go to Earth to impress Kevin's friends. Lana says some other time. Duke chases the robo-cat through the warp to Bayouland. Kevin goes after him. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard go to Bayouland to make sure Kevin doesn't leave. After a few hours, the robo-cat sneaks back into the Palace. Mega Man catches it and shows it to Lana. Lana decides to go to Bayouland and warn Kevin that something's up, but she has to agree to a candlelight dinner with Simon in order to get him to come along. After falling through some quicksand, Kevin lands in a cave. An alligator is there, but Bayou Billy prevents it from eating Kevin. Billy agrees to help Kevin look for Duke, but first he teaches Kevin how to survive in the bayou. Kevin learns to use a whip. Billy goes to rustle up some poachers, leaving Kevin to look for Duke on his own. Dr. Wily creates the Swamp Creature to kill Kevin. He sends it to Bayouland. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard find an airboat. After King Hippo breaks it, Eggplant Wizard turns King Hippo into a boat. They spot Kevin. Kevin invents the alligator jet-ski. After a brief chase in the swamp, Kevin gets away. Lana and Simon encounter the Swamp Creature. It chases them. When Lana and Simon come to a warp zone, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard capture them. Kevin arrives, but he's captured as well. Bayou Billy arrives with Duke. The dog unties Kevin, Lana, and Simon. Billy handles King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard. Kevin battles the swamp creature, but his weapons get wet and dirty. Kevin uses his training to get to the Crash Star. He destroys the Swamp Creature and some other animals. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard flee back to Metroid. The Crash Star follows them and temporarily de-digitalizes the bad guys.

              The Most Dangerous Game Master
                Season 1Episode 3
                Dr. Wily creates an android of Mike Vincent, a bully that used to beat Kevin up on Earth, programmed from Kevin's memories. Kevin and the android become friends, and "Mike" is destroyed saving Kevin's life.
                Mega Trouble For Megaland
                  Season 1Episode 5
                  The N Team travels through a Warp Zone and ends up a week in the future. Mother Brain has already begun to conquer most of Videoland. The N Team goes to Dr. Wily's base to destroy the Three Sacred Treasures
                  Wishful Thinking
                    Season 1Episode 6
                    Wishful Thinking
                      Season 1Episode 6
                      Kid Icarus is upset because he's too short. When Duke finds a magic lamp with a genie inside, Kid Icarus wishes himself big. He grows into a giant!!! When King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard steal the lamp, they make Mother Brain their servant! The N-Team, sans Kid Icarus, goes to Metroid to retrieve the lamp. When Kid Icarus comes to their rescue, he's shrunken. He uses his extremely small size to get into the lamp and wish everything back to normal. He then sets the genie free from the lamp, and the two of them become very good friends.
                      3 Men and a Dragon
                        Season 1Episode 7
                        In the land of Dragon's Den, the evil dragon DragonLord has darkened the hearts of all the dragons except for a Baby White named "Puff". If DragonLord succeeds in turning her evil, Dragon's Den will fall into Darkness for 1000 years. The N-Team must find and protect Puff, and defeat the evil DragonLord.

                        Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain
                          Season 1Episode 8
                          The impossible happened. Lana was able to talk Mother Brain into coming to the Palace to sign a peace treaty that would end the war. Simon, wishing to get into Lana's pants, takes Kid Icarus's "love at first-sight" arrow to shoot it at Lana and make her fall for him. Unfortunately, he mis-fires, and it bounces back at him. He lays his eyes on Mother Brain, and falls for him. Mother Brain calls off the treaty, and takes Simon back to Metroid with her. She uses Simon's devotion to her to defeat the N-Team, so Kid Icarus and Megaman must go to the arrow-maker on top of Mt. Icarus to get the antidote before Simon ends up marrying Mother Brain.
                          Simon the Ape Man
                            Season 1Episode 9
                            When Simon Belmont drops into the Kongoland Jungle, things REALLY get hairy. Especially when a knock to his noggin has him thinking he's Donkey Kong Jr!
                            Metroid, Sweet Metroid!
                              Season 1Episode 10
                              It looks like Videoland is gonna lose it's Game Master forever, since Captain N's been warped to Metroid!
                              NightMare on MotherBrain Street
                                Season 1Episode 11
                                Princess Lana has been trapped in the freaky Nightmare Zone! It's gonna take an N-Team wake-up-call to save her from the biggest bad dream of them all, Mother Brain!
                                Wishful Thinking
                                  Season 1Episode 12
                                  Kid Icarus has a small problem: he wants to be big. When a magic lamp grants his wish, the kid becomes colossal, and that means GIANT-sized trouble for the N-Team!
                                  Happy Birthday, Megaman
                                    Season 1Episode 13
                                    Megaman becomes upset about the fact that he isn't human like his friends, and sets out on a quest to find the fabled "Warp of Life", which can grant life to anything and anyone. But first, he must face 3 challenges to prove himself.
                                      Season 2Episode 1
                                      The N-Team thinks they have problems when Gameboy goes beserk and trashes the Palace, but that's before Mother Brain turns him into a deadly "Game-Brain"!
                                      Queen of the Apes
                                        Season 2Episode 2
                                        Mother Brain uses Dr. Wily's "Brain Swapper" to take her evil brain and put it into Princess Lana's beautiful body. However, things go wrong when she decides to kidnap Lana while on a visit to Kongoland while Donkey Kong is on a rampage. Donkey Kong, Gameboy, and Mother Brain get their brains swapped instead, resulting in Mother Brain's mind controlling Donkey Kong's body; Donkey Kong's mind controlling Gameboy; and Gameboy's mind controlling Mother Brain's jar. However, Mother Brain takes advantage of DK's body, and uses it to wreak havoc on Kongoland, so the N-Team must find a way to undo the mess.
                                        Quest for the Potion of Power
                                          Season 2Episode 3
                                          Captain N teams up with Link and Zelda to finally defeat Ganon, who is being resurrected by Mother Brain using the "Potion of Power".