The puppy's dangerous mission
    Season 1Episode 1
    Petey and his friends on their chase from a rough crowd while trying to locate Tommy in Turkey, come across a Man who is messenger of King TYRAN who is dangerously ill in Hospital and needs a special medicine called the siene. Unfortrunly two spies are detirmened to stop him and tak control of petrovia themsheves. Will petey and his friends stop them in time?
    The puppy and the amazon treasure
      Season 1Episode 2
      Petey and his friends are on a raft along the rivers in south africa, near the dark jungles of the amazon. Lucky almost falls other board if his friends didn't pull him back up again. Somewhere a young boy and his dog lanka are trying to cross the river on an important mission, the boy had only one thing on his mind ....His meloencolly thoughts were interubed by the presence of a deadly aligatetor who sabotarge their boat. The boy's cries are heard by Dolly and petey who imeadialty rushed to their rescue. After hearing that the boy's father was kidnapped by some men from his dog lanka.

      The dogs set off to find him and restore the amazon tresaure. But after getting seperated and caught with some of the men will the rescue be performed?