mexican sliegh ride
    Season 1Episode 1
      Season 1Episode 1
      mexican slayride
        Season 1Episode 1
          Season 3Episode 9
          It's The A-Team vs The A-Team! Actually, a group of crooks impersonating the real A-team (though the fake team have no Murdock) are terroring a travelling circus. This episode also sees the return of Col. Lynch (the A-team's adversary for the first season) who's been giving one final chance to capture the team.
          Dishpan Man (Part 1 of the Court Martial)
            Season 5Episode 1
            In the first part of this exciting story-arc, the A-team, after almost 15 years on the run, gets finally captured by the help of the mysterious General Stockwell, who presumebly works for the US Government. However he gives them the option of either going to jail or travel to Madrid to rescue an American arms dealer from terrorists who hijacked the plane in wich he was in. The arms dealer in question seems to be also an old war buddy of the A-team, who perhaps can testify for them an clear their names...
            Trial by Fire (Part 2 of the Court Martial)
              Season 5Episode 2
              In the second part, Hannibal, Face and B.A. (excluding Murdock) are finally put on trial for the "crime" they didn't commit. Many people, including Col. Decker, who makes a grand return after being absent long time, came to testify against the team. Murdock, along with Frankie Santana, the team's new and fifth member, go out and search for anything that can clear their names.
              Firing Line (Part 3 of the Court-Martial)
                Season 5Episode 3
                In the last part of the thrilling story-arc, Hannibal, Face and B.A. are sentenced to death by execution. However, through clever manipulation, Gen. Stockwell (who gained sympathy for the team) managed to fake their deaths with the help of Murdock and Frankie. After putting the team at a safe location, Stockwell gives them the opportunity to do some missions for him, in return he will arrange a definite pardon for the A-Team.