Wembley and the Gorgs
    Season 1Episode 1
    Doc returns home with the mail. He throws away Uncle Matt's postcard to Gobo. He gets a letter that announces he has been named "Man of the Year". Gobo and Boober walk up the tunnel toward the First Room. Boober is carrying a lucky walking stick. Doc is excited about winning his award and starts packing to leave. Sprocket protests. Doc will get his neighbor Mr. Shimmelfinny to look in on the dog while he's gone. This distresses Sprocket further as it seems he doesn't care too much for whoever Mr. Shimmelfinny is. Gobo goes out and gets his postcard. On his way back into the rock, he trips over Boober and they fall, breaking the lucky walking stick.

    In his room, Wembley is playing a pair of bongos and is singing. Gobo and Boober return, Boober still whining over his stick. Gobo gets tired of hearing about it and takes Wembley with him to go fetch a new stick for Boober. They go up to the Gorgs' garden. On the way, Gobo points out that Wembley likes to agree with everyone too much. Wembley agrees. Pa and Ma Gorg, the self-proclaimed King and Queen of the Universe, come outside of their castle and find Junior setting a Fraggle trap. Their royal majesties are concerned about not having any loyal subjects to pay them any heed. Gobo and Wembley have made their way into the garden and find a new stick for Boober, but Wembley is accidentally captured by Junior, who is ecstatic that he caught a Fraggle. He runs inside to show his parents.

    Ma chases Junior back outside, swatting at him with a broom. He is still holding Wembley, only the Fraggle is in a jar now. Apparently Ma Gorg finds Fraggles hideous, like rats and mice. Pa comes out in response to all the commotion. He goes on again how there are no loyal subjects for him. Wembley impresses them with his courteousness and salutes the King and Queen. The Gorgs are thrilled at this: a loyal subject at last! Pa takes the jar away from Junior.

    Gobo is recounting to Mokey, Red and Boober how Wembley got captured, to the others' horror. Boober breaks down, thinking that he's dead. After Gobo and the girls convince him that he's still alive, they all gear up and march up to the garden to rescue him singing a march-like tune on the way.

    The Gorgs are delighted with Wembley. They offer him dinner and he accepts. He decides he may like staying with the Gorgs.

    Meanwhile, Doc is prepping to leave for his award convention while Sprocket still begs and pleads for him not to go. However, he finally relents and allows Doc to leave so he can be "Man of the Year". Mr. Shimmelfinny arrives (although he isn't shown) and brings his cat, Fluffanella. She attacks Sprocket on the spot.

    After their dinner, Ma and Pa ask Wembley to sing for them. He obliges. While the King and Queen go get some things, Gobo and the others show up to save Wembley. He tells them he has to stay and sing for the Gorgs. Wembley begins his song when Ma and Pa return. While he is singing, Junior comes outside. He notices the other 4 Fraggles, who are talking about how Wembley would be agreeable with anyone and at how they are surprised he would sing for Gorgs, standing at the table leg and traps them.

    Pa and Ma are disgusted by the bunch of Fraggles Junior just caught. But when Wembley points out that they are his friends, Pa asks if they would act as loyal subjects just as Wembley had been. Wembley agrees, but Gobo proves otherwise. He pokes Pa in the nose with his sword. Pa orders Junior to take the Fraggles to the tool shed. Ma takes Wembley inside to keep an eye on him. Later that night, Gobo, Mokey, Red and Boober sing a stomping rock song while trying to break out of their cage. They fail. Gobo reads them his postcard to help take their minds off it.

    Matt's latest adventure involves kites and balloons as "creatures that live in the sky". He takes scissors and "sets them free" by cutting their strings from their owners.

    The next morning, Ma carries Wembley outside. Pa and Junior are there also and wonder what to do with the Fraggles, whom Junior has set down on the table. Junior wants to thump them with his club, but Wembley protests, suggesting a trial instead. This excites the Gorgs and they run off to gather some things together for it. While they're gone, Gobo appeals to Wembley to use this opportunity to escape. But Wembley has confidence in the trial. The Gorgs return all decked out in old-fashioned court apparel and the trial begins. When asked why his freinds shouldn't be thumped, Wembley proceeds to list special qualities about each of his friends and that they deserve to live. The Gorgs are touched by this. But not enough. They dismiss the thumping idea, but decide to keep the Fraggles as slaves. Appalled, Wembley bites Pa on the nose and chaos erupts. The Fraggles escape. Later that night, Wembley explains to Gobo that he didn't realize what the Gorgs were doing to him until they tried to do it to the others. Gobo tells him that's good, because you know who your friends really are.

    Meanwhile, Sprocket is lying in his basket when he hears someone at the door. He fears it's Shimmelfinny, but it's Doc. Sprocket is excited. Doc got his award and Sprocket got one too for "Dog of the Year". Doc reminds him that it's good to be back home with a real friend.
      Season 1Episode 1
      An elderly, kindly inventor named Doc moves into an old workshop with his dog, Sprocket. They plan to restore the room and make it their new home.

      In a cavern, Matt Fraggle is exploring and taking notes. He discovers an "odd little tunnel" but it blocks his way. Doc lifts a crate and uncovers a hole in the wall, which coincidentally leads into where Matt is standing on the other side. Matt thinks he has discovered "Outer Space". He decides to venture out and explore it.

      Back home in Fraggle Rock, Matt tells his nephew, Gobo Fraggle, about his discovery. He tells Gobo he plans a trip into Outer Space and leaves maps and a book for Gobo to safeguard. Gobo starts reading from the book, which gives an introduction to the world of the Fraggles. According to the book, Matt considers Fraggles as "dignified, intelligent, the best of all possible races." Some Fraggles burst into song and play around, displaying how sort of untrue this is! Red Fraggle shows a trick to Wembley Fraggle: how she can get to his and Gobo's room without touching the ground. She swings on a vine and clumsily lands near Gobo. Wembley comes running in and trips over her, as well as Boober Fraggle, who is reading from a book he has on superstitions and informs them it is unlucky to tug their tails. Wembley playfully tugs his and Boober's tails and they leave, tripping once again over a still-dazed Red on the floor.

      Uncle Matt is prepping to leave. Gobo is still skeptical, but follows Matt up the tunnel toward Outer Space. They both sing about adventuring on their way. They arrive at the entrance, and Gobo becomes a believer. Uncle Matt tells Gobo that he will send messages of his explorations back to Gobo, who must go into this "First Room" every few days to get them. Uncle Matt refers to himself as Traveling Matt and leaves. The workshop is empty. Uncle Matt begins taking notes as Doc and Sprocket return. Uncle Matt hides, but Sprocket spots him and starts barking. Doc, however, is oblivious to Uncle Matt's presence. Gobo distracts Sprocket long enough for Uncle Matt to escape. Gobo is excited at first, but then quickly realizes that he will have to go through that every few days.

      Traveling Matt's first visits to Outer Space include a run-in with a honking car (a "large beast"), a yellow fire hydrant (an "unfriendly yellow fellow"), and a group of kids carrying baseball gear (an "army carrying deadly weapons"). He decides all this will sound ridiculous to Gobo, so he puts that he's just fine for now.

      Mokey Fraggle senses something wrong with Gobo and asks him about it. She decides he wants to work out his own problems alone and walks away. Gobo disagrees, saying to himself he actually could use some help. Wembley tells Gobo he found "a musical Doozer construction" and begins playing it like a xylophone. The Doozers, short little green creatures who wear hard hats, are busy building their crystalline structures all around. They build them all around Wembley, who is trapped, so he eats the constructions to get out. The Doozers don't seem to mind that Fraggles eat their buildings. Gobo decides to go visit their local oracle, Marjorie the Trash Heap, for advice about his concerns about going into Outer Space. He reprises his and Matt's earlier song as he approaches another doorway out of the rock leading into the Gorgs' garden. He pokes his head out and sees a very large creature sitting in the garden. Gobo has to run across the garden to get to the Trash Heap. Junior Gorg looks up and spies Gobo and chases after him, but misses.

      At the Trash Heap's pit, two rats named Philo and Gunge announce to Gobo that he is in her presence. The Trash Heap senses Gobo has troubles and breaks into a rock song number about how she can handle troubles. He tells her his concerns and she advises him to get friends, that that will help. Philo and Gunge dismiss him away.

      Gobo is telling Mokey, Boober, Wembley and Red about Matt's travels and they agree to help Gobo. Red is skeptical about it.

      Sprocket is lying in his basket while Doc is still unpacking boxes. He throws a red ball to Sprocket, but the dog misses and it rolls into the hole in the wall. The Fraggles come upon it while approaching the First Room doorway. Gobo tells them it wasn't there before. They mistake the ball as "a hideous round thing". Gobo thanks his friends for coming with him. Mokey reminds him that's what friends are for. Red apologizes for not believing him. Gobo sneaks into the workshop. Doc enters with the mail and notices a postcard for someone named Gobo Fraggle. He tosses it into the wastebasket. Red, Mokey and Wembley are anxious about Gobo and are excited that he is about to succeed. Boober is still worried about "the hideous round thing". Gobo grabs the card, but Sprocket grabs him. Gobo yells for help from his friends. Mokey picks up the ball (much to Boober's horror) and throws it to Sprocket. The dog is distracted and Gobo gets away. He returns to his friends and they sing "Hip Hip Hooray" while walking back home. Later, in Gobo and Wembley's room, the 5 are sitting around talking about their adventure. Gobo thanks his friends once again for being there and that their presence helped. Boober retorts that "It's always exciting in Fraggle Rock. That's what's wrong with the place."

      Doc has finally finished moving in and has set up the workshop. It looks very cozy now. He notices Sprocket is still preoccupied with the hole in the wall. Doc says that one day he'll board it up.
      i want to be you
        Season 1Episode 6
        Home Is Where The Trash Is
          Season 3Episode 7
          Filo and Gunge Set realise that "today may be THAT day" - The day they can leave Margery and set off home.
          Along the way they realise that they no longer remember the way home and end up in places like Mokey and Reds 'Home', Gobo and Wembly's 'home' and ultimatley the trash collection pile in docs workshop.
          Eventually having been kicked out of all these places they find themselves captured by Wander McMooch, a sinster, mean and unloveable character who loathes the fraggles and their ability to love anything and anyone.
          While all this is happening we can see that without filo and gunge around Margery begins to die.
          During their capture filo and gunge realise that they didn't need to leave Margery to go home, they already were home.
          The fraagles rescue filo and gunge and take them home.
          Wemblys Wonderful Whoopie Water
            Season 4Episode 2
            Wembly discovers he has a talent, a talent that enables him to listen to rocks and find hidden stores of fizzy water.
            Due to the doubt of the other fraggles, wembly sets out to find proof of the existance of the fizzy water and finds a large supply of in located in the walls and floor of the great hall.
            Unfortunatley, now that the water has been discovered, a large crack has appeared above the fountain and begins to get bigger as the fountain water is being used by the fraggles.
            It comes to a head when while trying to tell gobo the well and fountain are unsafe to use wembly is called to be presented with 'the key to the rock',
            as wembly collects the key gobo fall down a 'bottomless pit' which is the result of the widening of the original crack at the well.
            A rescue effort is mounted, once rescued wembly tells everyone that the well has to be shut down unitl such time that the whoopie water can be mined safely and not unitl then.