With its catchy title and over-the-top premise, this fairly amusing horror comedy plays like a kinder, gentler variation on the type of fare offered by the bad-taste moguls at Troma Studios. The story begins in the thick of a metaphysical battle between a decidedly female Satan (Lezlie Deane) and one of Heaven's less-than-angelic "Chasers" (Twin Peaks, pretty-boy Dana Ashbrook), ending with the former hiding out in the body of timid wallflower Maggie (Liane Curtis), whose blind date turns even more disastrous. Only after the seriously over-vamped Maggie has seduced and destroyed (literally) every man in sight does the Chaser finally catch up to her. The battle ensues with renewed gusto, the bodies and souls of countless mortal bystanders hanging in the balance. It seems this ever-escalating conflict (employing everything from rocket launchers to possessed restaurant entrees) is a mere extension of an ongoing lovers' spat between the devil and her heavenly pursuer, whose obnoxious philandering first incurred her satanic wrath. Fans of camp horror should find ample laughs here — others need not apply. — Cavett Binion

    Liane Alexandra Curtis - Maggie
    Dana Ashbrook - Chaser
    Lezlie Deane - Diane
    James Daughton - David
    Anthony Barrile - Carl
    Ken Abraham - Rocco
    Brad Zutaut
    Dafna Kastner
    James Karen
    Alba Francesca