Though not a true sequel to Paul Lynch's derivative slasher-dud Prom Night, this Carrie-flavored horror film begins in 1957 with the fiery death of bitchy prom queen Mary Lou Maloney (Lisa Schrage) courtesy of a backfired stinkbomb stunt pulled by her jealous ex-boyfriend. Thirty years later, her killer has become the school principal (Michael Ironside), and sweet, innocent Vicki (Wendy Lyon) is a contender for the prom-queen title. Mary Lou's vengeful spirit spies the perfect opportunity to reclaim her crown once and for all. The rest of the film involves Vicki adopting Mary Lou's less-than-reputable habits and messily destroying anyone who stands between her and the coveted title. High points include a telekinetic "Tutti Frutti" locker-room squashing and a swirling demonic blackboard, all courtesy of FX wizard Jim Doyle, who worked previously on A Nightmare on Elm Street, to which this film bears some stylistic similarities.
    Michael Ironside - Bill Nordham
    Wendy Lyon - Vicki Carpenter
    Lisa Schrage - Mary Lou Maloney
    Deryck Hazel - Mr. Romero
    Terri Hawkes - Kelly Hennenlotter
    Beth Gondek - Jess Browning
    Kelly Simpson - Boy #1
    Beverly Hendry - Monica Waters
    Wendell Smith - Walt Carpenter
    Jay Smith - Priest
    David Robertson - Mr. King
    John Ferguson - Eddie Wood
    Vincent Gale - Rejected Boy
    Michael Evans - Matthew Dante
    Judy Mahbey - Virginai Carpenter
    Brock Simpson - Josh
    Justin Louis - Craig Nordham
    Gregg Scott - Dancer #2
    Richard Monette - Father Cooper