After Lt. Ripley destroys the Alien Queen on LV-426, while she and her crew are in hypersleep, there are eggs on board which contain facehuggers that attack the crew while they are in hypersleep. The spaceship Sulaco malfunctions and launches an escape pod with the frozen bodies inside, and the pod crashlands on Fiorina 161, a planet used as a correctional facility. Newt, Hicks, and Bishop are killed, with Ripley being the only survivor. Autopsy on Newt reveals that she had a dead chestburster inside her, and a Chestbuster comes out of the prison manager's dog, and kills the inmates. Soon, Ripley realizes that there is an alien queen embryo growing inside her, and soon workers from Wayland Corporation, the company Ripley used to work for, arrives to remove the alien queen embryo for the bio weapons division, but Ripley refuses.