Combat Cast

    Rick Jason as Lieutenant Gil Hanley
    Vic Morrow as Sgt. Chip Saunders
    Pierre Jalbert as Caje
    Jack Hogan as William G. Kirby
    Dick Peabody as Littlejohn

    William Bryant as McCall (1966-67)
    Conlan Carter as Doc (1963-67)
    Shecky Greene as Braddock (1962-63)
    Tom Lowell as Billy Nelson (1962-64)
    Steven Rogers as Doc (1962-63) advertisement

    Combat! A Viewer's Companion to the WWII TV Series
    Combat Tidbits
    Combat depicted the lives of one platoon of soldiers fighting their way across Europe in World War II. The long running show was very realistic, even to the point of using actual war footage in some epsiodes. And unlike many other WWII shows, this cast was sent to "boot camp" before filming began. Neither the war nor the cast was ever portrayed ina glamorous way.