Rod, Jane and Freddy was the most famous name for a singing trio who appeared in children's programming on the British TV channel ITV in the 1970s and 1980s. They starred both in the long-running series Rainbow as well as their own 15-minute show, Rod, Jane and Freddy. They have also made numerous guest appearances in several other children's TV shows including The Sooty Show.

    The original trio consisted of Rod Burton, Jane Tucker and Matthew Corbett, when they were known as "Rod, Matt and Jane". Corbett left in 1976 to host The Sooty Show and was replaced by actor Roger Walker (later to star in the BBC's ill-fated soap opera Eldorado, whereupon the trio became known as "Rod, Jane and Roger". When Walker left in 1980, he was replaced by Freddy Marks, leading to the most famous incarnation of the trio.

    Rod Jane and Freddy Show - 1981 - 1990

    They wrote hundreds of songs on various different topics. Most were comedic but several had deeper meanings.

    They have written and produced 10 albums, 24 videos, written jingles for commercial radio, theme and title music for TV, songs for Pantomimes and managed to write a massive 2500 songs during the course of their careers!

    Their shows often followed a certain format:

    * Opening with a big song, giving you an idea of the theme of this particular show (music and Song, pets, moving house, etc)
    * Rod, Jane and Freddy would usually have solo songs
    * There was often a sketch, but these were generally rarer than songs
    * They would close with a final song
    * As the credits rolled, the first or last song would be sung again.

    One of their most well known songs is "Big Dogs, Small Dogs".

    Episode List

    The Farmyard 1989

    Chinese Plate 1989

    Moving House 1989

    Town 1989

    Sweets 1989

    Food 1989

    Snow and Ice 1989

    Games 1989

    Houses and Homes 1989

    Dressing Up 1989

    Nursery Ryhmes 1989

    Wild West 1989

    Fast and Slow 1989

    Music and Song 1989

    Land of Dreams 1989

    Light 1989

    Paper 1989

    Suitcases 1989

    The Wizard 1989

    Weather 1989

    Feelings 1989

    Body Movement 1989

    Garden 1990

    Dots and Dashes 1990

    Friends 1990

    Faces 1990

    Children's Favourites 1990

    Mirrors/ Dressing Up 1990

    Toys 1990

    Tricks of the Trade 1990

    Boxes 1990

    Time 1990

    Entertainers 1990

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    Although the trio no longer regularly appear on television (apart from repeats of Rainbow from the early 1980s on the UK digital TV channel Nick Jr.), they remain a popular attraction in British children's theatre and in pantomime. They also featured in Peter Kay's video for his 2007 Comic Relief release of I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).