Home and Away is an Australian weeknightly half-hour television soap opera produced in Sydney by the Seven Network since January 1988. It is broadcast on the Seven Network and its affiliates in Australia and is exported to many countries, most notably the United Kingdom, where it briefly became the subject of a bidding war between ITV and Five which Five won. The show has more overall viewers in the larger UK market than it has in its home market, but a higher proportion of viewers in Australia, due to Australia's smaller population. The shift in the UK from ITV to Five damaged its ratings; contract obligations kept it off air in the UK for a year and the smaller audience share five has is believed to contribute to the show achieving ratings significantly lower than those it enjoyed on ITV. Its UK ratings are significantly lower than those of Neighbours on BBC One, both shows are shown twice every weekday. Five funds more than half of the production costs, and it is officially Five's second highest rated show.