Saint Seiya , (also known as Knights of the Zodiac in the United States, Los Caballeros del Zodiaco in Hispanic countries, Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque in France, I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco in Italy and Os Cavaleiros do Zodiaco in Brazil), is an anime and manga series about a group of five mystical warriors called the "Saints" (or "Knights") who have adopted various constellations as their guardian symbols.
    Seiya is the principal character who is Pegasus Saint, Shiryu the Dragon Saint, Hyoga the cygnus Saint, Ikki the Phoenix, and Shun the brother of Ikki who has the andromeda's cloth. Together they fight against the evil forces protecting the goddess Athenea.

    20 years has passed since the first episode was created, but today, they're still producing new episodes for this series.