Maniac Mansion is a family sitcom about genetic mutation that was produced by Atlantis Films between 1990 and 1992. It aired for three seasons on YTV in Canada and the Family Channel in the United States.

    The plot is very loosely based on the LucasArts computer game of the same name. Fred is a scientist who lives in a mansion which he inherited from his father in the fictional city of Cedar Springs. Unfortunately, there is an active meteor in the basement which transformed his four-year-old son Turner into a hulking six-footer and his brother-in-law Harry into a fly with a human head. Fred has been trying for years to return Turner and Harry to normal size, without much success. The rest of the family consists of Fred's wife Casey, their other children Tina and Ike, and Harry's wife Idella. Other recurring characters include Harry's Canadian twin brother Lenny Orca (who is not a fly), and the yuppie next-door neighbours Richard, Allasyn, and Keifer Pratt.