On a rainy day in the San Fernando Valley, the lives of nine people will connect over the course of 24 hours physically, emotionally, and even biblically. We'll see young boy genius, Stanley, feeling the pressure to set a record on the game show "What Do Kids Know?"; the show's host Jimmy Gator, who had just found out he has cancer and tries to make peace with his angry, cokehead daughter, Claudia; lovelorn police officer Jim Kurring, who falls for her during a disturbance call; and the former quiz kid Donnie Smith, who has dreams of getting braces and the attention of a cute bartender. Meanwhile, there is old TV producer Earl Partridge, whose bedridden and dying of cancer; his beautiful wife, Linda, who realizes that she only married him for his money; his estranged son, a successful motivational speaker/misogynist named Frank T.J. Mackey; and kind nurse Phil, who tries to reunite the father and son before times run out. In the end, it will all lead to an unforgettable climax as lives will change, bonds mend and other sever in this collusion of coincidence and chance. Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

    Cast of Characters

    Jeremy Blackman....Stanley Spector
    Tom Cruise....Frank T.J. Mackey
    Philip Baker Hall....Jimmy Gator
    Philip Seymour Hoffman....Phil Parma
    William H. Macy....Quiz Kid Donnie Smith
    Julianne Moore....Linda Partridge
    John C. Reilly....Officer Jim Kurring
    Jason Robards....Earl Partridge
    Melora Walters....Claudia Wilson Gator
    Melinda Dillon....Rose Gator
    Ricky Jay....Burt Ramsey
    Alfred Molina....Solomon Solomon