Monty Hall hosted as two male-female couples (husband & wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, mother-son, father-daughter, etc. a red team & green team) competed in stunts. Each stunt awarded $250 to the winning team + a bonus stunt for an additional $250 more. Two rounds were played.

    Then comes the bonus shuffle. There's a shuffleboard table with amounts from $300-$1,000. Each team had two discs (red & green) & had two chances to reach the furthest without going off the table. The disc that's the furthest in money value won the amount & played a super stunt for 10 times the value (up to $10,000).

    Teams stayed on as champions until defeated or reached the CBS $25,000 limit.

    In November, civilians were dumped & celebrities were in as the show became "All Star All New Beat The Clock". And just like Tattletales, the audience were divided into two rooting sections; the red & the green. In the super stunt round, $1,000 of the jackpot went to the audience while the other amount went to the stars favorite charity. The four stars played for a week. The original host/moderator of The CBS/ABC TV Network version of this series in the 1950's was actor/singer and announcer:Bud Collyer.When the series was revived in syndication in the 1970's..Jack Narz and Gene Wood mc'd the program.