Following the heels on the success of Batman, the same producers and the same network launched The Green Hornet.

    Another challenge for The Green Hornet.

    His aide, Kato and their rolling arsenal, The Black Beauty.

    On police records, a wanted criminal. The Green Hornet is really Britt Reed, former publisher of the Daily Sentinel.

    His dual identity is known to the secretary and to the district attorney.

    And now to protect the rights and lives of decent citizens, rides The Green Hornet!

    Van Williams starred as Britt Reid, the editor and publisher of The Daily Sentinel newspaper. His secretary was the attractive Lenore ‘Casey’ Case.

    In secret, Britt fought crime with the help of his faithful manservant, Kato.

    The only other person besides Kato that knew Britt’s secret was the city’s
    District Attorney, F. P. Scanlon.

    Even Mike Axford, the tough and intrepid crime detective who was always on the Green Hornet’s tail, never figured out that Britt Reid and the Green Hornet were one and the same.

    Some changes were made in adapting "The Green Hornet" to TV, and to the 1960s.

    In addition to The Daily Sentinel, Britt owned a TV station. The evil he fought often involved organized crime, and the crime-fighting gadgetry was brought up to date.

    His most notable gadget was his car, the Black Beauty. It had a built-in video camera that could ‘see’ anything in front of the car for four miles, special jets at the rear that could shoot ice onto the road to hinder anyone trying to
    chase the car, and brushes near the wheels that could sweep away the car’s tracks.

    The Green Hornet also had it tougher than other television heroes in that he had to deal with being perceived as a criminal by the police.

    Unfortunately, Green Hornet never caught on with the ratings the way Batman did and was cancelled after one season.

    However, Green Hornet has cult following in being the first American TV exposure for future Martial Artist Bruce Lee.