Well, The Jamie Foxx Show focused up on the young Jamie King, who was working at his aunts and uncles hotel, the kings tower as a bellhopper. He was at california to become an aspiring actor or musician. He also worked with two other people, one which was his future fiancee,Francesca and a hotel collegue, braxton p hartnebrig. Throughout the run, Jamie went through some bad times, but most of the time he caused the problems himself, which was the whole comedy of the duration of the show. He always flirted and hitted on women, which got him into even more trouble. In the fourth season, he worked for juingles 2001 as a jingles creator, later is when he quit the job to become a singer. Then which about the same time is when he had became engaged with francesca, and learned that he would be taking over the Kings tower when his aunt and uncle passed off. With his crazyness, and braxtons humor corny style, this was true comedy at its time.