When they started out together in the New York Police
    Department, Theo Kojak and Frank McNeil had worked
    closely together and, for a number of years, been
    partners. Over the years Frank had worked his way up
    the hierarchy to the point where he was now chief of
    detectives for the 13th Precinct in the Manhattan
    South district. Kojak, who had a cynical sense of
    humor as was determined to do things his way
    regardless of what his bosses thought, was now
    working for him. Kojak was outspoken and streetwise,
    and was not above stretching the literal interpretation
    of the law if it would help him crack a case. Working
    closely with him was plain clothes detective Bobby
    Crocker, as close to a regular partner as he had.

    The supporting role of Detective Stavros was played by
    Telly Savalas' brother George who, during the first two
    seasons of the show, was billed as Demosthenes in the
    credits rather than his real name. Considerable location
    filming was done in New York with Kojak seen all over
    the city licking his trademark lollipops.