Godzilla (1998) is a science fiction film directed by Roland Emmerich and starred actor Matthew Broderick. It is very loosely based on the Japanese film Gojira (1954). In the movie, Godzilla is a mutated iguana, rather than a mythical dinosaur-like creature in the japanese original movies. It was officially dubbed Zilla by Toho studios in the film Godzilla: Final Wars, as they disliked it so much.

    The plot of the film involves a giant mutated iguana from the Southern Pacific roaming around New York City. The monster lays eggs inside Madison Square Garden which hatch into miniature, T-Rex-like creatures. This tended to make the film somewhat reminiscent of Jurassic Park, as the baby Zillas are reminiscent of Velociraptors.

    This movie is considered (particularly by long-time fans) to be inferior to previous film incarnations of the beast due to the drastic change in Godzilla's appearance as well as its mundane treatment.

    The soundtrack to the 1998 version featured songs by such artists as Jimmy Page, Puff Daddy ("Come With Me"), Jamiroquai ("Deeper Underground"), Rage Against the Machine ("No Shelter") and Green Day ("Brain Stew"). The song "Heroes" by the Wallflowers can be clearly heard in the background during a restaurant scene early in the movie. David Arnold's orchestral score provided the music for the rest of the movie, and roughly four minutes of it is included in the album.

    The script called for two sequels, yet despite the film becoming the highest grossing film of the year (when overseas' box offices, merchandise and video/DVD are factored into the final total), there are currently no known plans to make them. The movie did, however, find life in the animated Saturday morning television series, Godzilla: The Series.