In medieval England, a king and his family have been massacred and a strugggle has begun to give the throne to its rightful heir, a baby carrying the royal birthmark of a purple pimpernal on his posterior. Meanwhile, Hubert Hawkins is a former carnival entertainer who plans to steal the throne for his master, the Robin Hood-like Black Fox. The usurping King Roderick wishes for his daughter Princess Gwendolyn to marry his neighbor Sir Griswold of McEllwain to help fight a war against the Black Fox, but she refuses only wanting to marry a man of her choice by love. Hawkins is then told he has to get the baby across the sea and reveal its birthmark along with one of the Fox's female comrades, Maid Jean. On the way he falls in love with her. When they run into the king's new jester "Giacomo, king of jesters, and jester of the king", they knock him out in hopes of Hawkins guising as him to infiltrate the castle.