Bubbles, Stapler, Stickum, Scissors and Puncher are the Diplodorians.
    Peter and Jane the kids meeting them, and the diplodoirians join them to the fight with the evil boss Zauberer.
    The Diplodos home, is the sister planet of Earth in a parallell dimension. Except that whatever happens to one planet also happens to the other, but in reverse. Since the Diplodos have a strong defensive shield, the evil dudes target Earth with one evil scheme after the other, counting on the reverse effect to weaken the Diplodo planet. Therefore the Diplodos have come to protect Earth.

    This show has a very good plot if you like your shows to not be realistic.
    Also, all the Diplodorians have special powers such as.... Stickum can make sellotape come out of his mouth, Puncher can punch holes with his teeth and no need to guess what Scissors does.