Tom and Jerry's Funhouse was a animated variety show on TBS.

    It aired twice a day.

    It stars Hanna-Barbera's legendary duo Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse.

    Joining them was Warner Bros' very own Looney Tune/Merrie Melodie superstar himself Bugs Bunny.

    Tex Avery's fearless dog Droopy Bloodhound.

    DePathe-Freling's silent cat The Pink Panther.

    Max Fleischer/Famous Studios' 1st Hero Popeye The Sailor Man.

    And the only live action stars on that show are The Three Stooges.

    In 1990 TBS did a TV special called "The Tom and Jerry's Funhouse Halloween Special" aired in prime time.

    It was hosted by two live action kids in a haunted house and included Tom Cat, Jerry Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Popeye.

    It only aired once.

    A year later they've renamed it TBS' Tom And Jerry's Funhouse.

    Then, It was dropped in 1995 in favor of TBS' sister channel: Cartoon Network.