Producer-director Robert Altman mixes equal amounts of music and politics in a multi-layered slice of America that follows 5 days leading up to a political rally for Replacement Party candidate Hal Phillip Walker and along the way we see the lives of 24 characters made up of various stars, aspirants, hangers-on, observers, and media folk. Among them are the politically ambitious country icon Haven Hamilton and his protegee Barbara Jean, who is both the sweetheart of Nashville and on the verge of a nervous breakdown; Linnea, a lonely married gospel singer who strays from the Lord when she's wooed by Tom, a self-absorbed folk rock singer with a wandering eye; Tom's musical partners, Bill and Mary whose marriage is tested when Mary starts sleeping with Tom; Sueleen, a talentless waitress who'd risk humiliation to have a moment in the spotlight; Albuquerque (aka Winifred) who dreams of stardom...even if she has to run away from her husband, Star; and the daffy documentarian, Opal who clings to celebrities and claims to work for the BBC. Nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Picture and winning one for the song "I'm Easy" written and performed by Keith Carradine. Written by Joan Tewkesbury.

    Cast of Characters

    David Arkin....Norman
    Barbara Baxley....Lady Pearl
    Ned Beatty....Delbert Reese
    Karen Black....Connie White
    Ronee Blakley....Barbara Jean
    Timothy Brown....Tommy Brown
    Keith Carradine....Tom Frank
    Geraldine Chaplin....Opal
    Robert Doqui....Wade
    Shelley Duvall....L.A. Joan
    Allen Garfield....Barnett
    Henry Gibson....Haven Hamilton
    Scott Glenn....Pfc. Glenn Kelly
    Jeff Goldblum....Tricycle Man
    Barbara Harris....Albuquerque
    David Hayward....Kenny Fraiser
    Michael Murphy....John Triplette
    Allan Nicholls....Bill
    Dave Peel....Bud Hamilton
    Cristina Raines....Mary
    Bert Remsen....Star
    Lily Tomlin....Linnea Reese
    Gwen Welles....Sueleen Gay
    Keenan Wynn....Mr. Green