After their plane dies on a remote, deserted island, a group of 20-somethings stumble upon a home owned by puritanical Ma (Yvonne DeCarlo, "The Munsters") and Pa (Rod Steiger, "In the Heat of the Night"). Soon they meet Ma and Pa's adult children, who act like pre-teens. One by one, each of the strangers does something to upset the family, so they're slaughtered... but the last girl left alive has a secret of her own.

    In the wake of mid-80s slasher films, this oddity hit the shelves. Directed by John Hough ("Escape to Witch Mountain," "Watcher in the Woods"), it follows many of the slasher standards, but also hits some comedic highs and lows as it drives its way to an unusual conclusion. The film was released on video and is now available on DVD.