In this Disney classic, orphaned brother and sister Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and Tia (Kim Richards) have supernatural powers, which eccentric millionaire Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland) intends to exploit with the help of his cronie Lucas Deranian (Donald Pleasence). But the discovery of a map under the plate on the front of Tia's "star case" sends the children to Stony Creek, aided by crotchety loner Jason O'Day (Eddie Albert), in hopes of finding the family they lost.

    Followed by the sequels RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN and BEYOND WITCH MOUNTAIN. Remade in 1995.

    Eddie Albert - Jason O'Day
    Ray Milland - Aristotle Bolt
    Donald Pleasence - Lucas Deranian
    Kim Richards - Tia Malone
    Ike Eisenmann - Tony Malone
    Walter Barnes - Sheriff Purdy
    Reta Shaw - Mrs. Grindley
    Denver Pyle - Uncle Bene
    Dermott Downs - Truck
    Alfred Ryder - Astrologer
    Lawrence Montaigne - Ubermann
    Terry Wilson - Biff Jenkins
    George Chandler - Grocer
    Shepherd Sanders - Guru
    Don Brodie - Gasoline Attendant
    Paul Sorenson - Sergeant Foss
    Alfred Rossi - Police Officer No. 3
    Tiger Joe Marsh - Lorko
    Harry Holcombe - Capt. Malone
    Sam Edwards - Mate
    Dan Seymour - Psychic
    Eugene Daniels - Cort
    Al Dunlap - Deputy
    Rex Holman - Hunter No. 1
    Tony Giorgio - Hunter No. 2