It started like an ordinary morning for six-year-old Alex Selky. He got out of bed, got dressed, didn't eat his breakfast (he gave it to the family dog), said goodbye to his mother, and headed off to school. But somewhere along the short two-block walk, the young boy disappeared. Now, his mom, Susan is thrusted into every parent's nightmare as the police arrive led by Detective Al Menetti hoping to find any trace of Alex, followed by news reporters and eventually the arrival of the child's father and Susan's ex-husband, Graham. But as hours become days, many of friends of the Selkys and citizens help with posters and searches throughout New York. Numerous leads turn up and a psychic is called in as well, but none turn up anything concrete. Weeks turn into months and things turn bleak as the police investigation tapers off due to budget cuts and many fear the child to be dead...a fact that Susan refuses to believe. Never losing faith (and causing tension with Graham and her best friend, Jocelyn), she keeps her hope alive, but those around feel that she needs to let the matter go and move on with her life. Will this mother accept that or go on believing that Alex will return home? Produced and directed by Stanley R. Jaffe and written by Beth Gutcheon, based on her novel "Still Missing".