The mild-mannered Dr. Daniel Jekyll is, without a doubt, brilliant and on the right track with his life. He is the most gifted surgeon at Our Lady of Pain and Suffering, well-respected by his peers, and is engaged to Mary Carew, the lovely daughter of the hospital administrator. And to top it off, Dr. Carew has just made arrangements for Jekyll to perform the world's very first total transplant on Hubert Howes, the world's richest man. Unfortunately, Jekyll wants to give up surgery in favor of research with the intent and belief to unlock man's animal nature and increase his capacity for self-healing...and yes, to replace surgery with the help of drugs. Later that night in Jekyll's lab, after botching one experiment, he falls asleep and accidentally snorts the tainted powder which brings out his wild side: brutish, sex crazed party animal Mr. Hyde who starts seeking out the sweet charms of a pretty punk singer named Ivy. The next morning, after returning to his timid alter (and waking up next to Ivy in her bed), Jekyll returns to his lab and vows to get rid of the rest of the toxic drug. But after several failed attempts to throw it away, another line of the white powder, and a second visit to Ivy, he decides to go back on the straight and narrow and returns into the operating room and perform Howes' surgery. But it's not as easy as it seems when Jekyll starts losing it and Hyde's evil escapades start to take over and his need for drug continues to increase...and more when Jekyll wins the Putzpuller Prize worth $500,000! The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde takes a zany turn in this comedy that would make Robert Louis Stevenson turn over in his grave...literally. Directed by Jerry Belson.