In one of her most memorable films, Karen Black stars as four different women in three different tales of terror in this made-for-t.v. gem.

    In story one she plays Julie, a schoolmarm type university professor that is intimidated, terrorized, and blackmailed by one of her adoring students (Robert Burton) - which may lead to murder. Soon Julie appears to be an unfortunate victim of infatuation - but is she all she seems?

    Segment two starts off with Millicent (Black) fearing for her life as she co-exists with her lustful, violent, provocative sister Therese (also Black) in a secluded town mansion. Dr. Ramsey (George Gaines) is the family doctor who tries to intervene and relieve much of the tensions. But is he too late?

    The third and final segment of the trilogy begins in the big city with Amelia (Black) coming home to her highrise apartment after a day of shopping for a birthday gift for her boyfriend. A small Zuni warrior fetish doll is the gift - and whilst Amelia is startled by its appearance, she doesn't take the enclosed warning too seriously. After an argument with her mother she accidently releases the warrior's spirit - which has one intention - to do her in.

    A well-made, very entertaining film directed by the late Dan Curtis, which is still enjoyed by many today.