Hans Christian Andersen wants to go to the opera with his

    parents..but he gives away his monies to a poor little girl

    and her grandmother.

    When the pair are about to be evicted by the cruel,greedy

    and arrogant lord mayor of Odense,Denmark.

    Hans' father..a struggling showmaker tries to earn the monies

    by making a superb pair of red shoes(With material given to him

    by a kindly and ellegant stranger known as "Uncle Oley")for a shoe

    -making contest.


    Mr.Andersen loses the contest..when the mayor choses another pair

    of shoes over that of the poor cobbler's.

    The mayor does manipulate Mr.Andersen into giving him the

    shoes for his spoiled and abusive daughter.

    Mr.Andersen tries to warn the mayor not to take the shoes

    ..for if they're exposed to music..then they'll dance non stop.

    His honor ignores the cobbler's warning and takes the


    Hans and his talking cat pal"Casper"try to work at various odd

    jobs to earn the monies for the opera.

    But..they lose up their jobs and they both get fired.

    Unable to attened the opera..the sad pair sits outside of

    the opera house and listen to the music enminating from the

    front entrance.

    During the opera..the mayor's daughter(Who is sporting the

    enchanted red shoes)begins to dance and very soon.

    She is dancing non stop throughout the opera house and

    then..out of the building and she continues to dance out into

    the streets.

    As the mayor,the King's representitive and the townspeople

    chase after the mayor's daughter.

    Hans and "Casper"watch this situation with wonder..the

    only other person left sitting in front of the opera house?

    is a very sad little boy..who is crying..because he is missing

    the opera.

    In order to calm the sad chld..Hans is encouraged by "Uncle

    Oley"and "Casper"to tell the little fellow a story.

    He tells him of the tale of"The Little Match Girl".

    By the time that he finishes his story..the entire town has

    heard his tale and they are impressed.

    News of this boy's talents as a storyteller are brought to

    The King Of Demark..and Hans is granted a scholarship with

    The Royal Danish Academy.

    Three days later..Hans and The King's representitive leave

    for Copenhagen in a coach..where The young boy leaves for his

    well earned education and to begin his career as one of the world's

    most famous and beloved storytellers.

    This film was not a hit with the movie critics..when it was

    released in 1975.


    Kids liked it and it did very well when it was shown at

    Saturday matinees.

    The film was written,produced and directed by Chuck McCann

    (Who also served as the voice of"Uncle Oley).

    Cartoonist Al Kilgore also co-authored the script for the

    film and Lionel Wilson did the voice of The mayor.

    Jim MacGeorge performed the vocies of Hans' Father

    and"Casper"the talking cat.

    The film was produced by Toei Animation Studios and

    released thru The Hal Roach Studios(The same studios that

    created,produced and released "The Little Rascals" and Laurel

    & Hardy Film comedies back in the 1920's and 30's)