Tom Musca directed this social satire on the United States electoral system. The comedy-drama explores how class and race divisions impact on the process when a Chicano housepainter in East Los Angeles decides to run for the city council. Pressured by his wife (Annette Murphy), Gustavo Alvarez (Paul Rodriguez) competes for the council seat left vacant when veteran Jack Durman (Cliff Robertson) retires, but he faces stiff competition from his opponent, the forceful black Lucinda Davis (C.C.H. Pounder). After the two split the Latino and black votes, the campaign begins to get lowdown and dirty as both candidates take aim with cheap shots and corrosive accusations. Stan Ridgway (formerly with Wall of Voodoo) provided the film's Latin-rock music score. Shown at the 1998 Seattle film Festival. — Bhob Stewart

    Paul Rodriguez - Gustavo Alvarez
    CCH Pounder - Lucinda David
    Cliff Robertson - Jack Durman
    Una Damon - Chungmi Kong
    Efren Ramirez
    Annette Murphy
    Jade Herrera
    Danielle Nicolet
    Winston Rocha
    Brian Poth