Fantasist Ray Bradbury wrote the screenplay for this adaptation of his 1957 Saturday Evening Post short story, "The Magic White Suit," previously adapted as a TV drama, a stage musical, and a play. Middle-aged Gomez (Joe Mantegna) hopes to own the beautiful white suit he spots in a store window. Since he can't afford it, he locates four same-size men to each contribute $20. On a Friday evening, the five in turn don the shining suit for an hour, and when they wear the iridescent garment, their wishes come true. Director Stuart Gordon had success 30 years ago with his production of the stage play. The opening titles are in sand animation. Shown at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. — Bhob Stewart

    Joe Mantegna - Gomez
    Esai Morales - Dominguez
    Edward James Olmos - Vamenos
    Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez - Martinez
    Gregory Sierra - Villanazul
    Liz Torres - Ruby Escadrillo
    Sid Caesar - Sid Zellman
    Howard Morris - Leo Zellman
    Lisa Vidal - Ramona
    Mike Moroff - Toro
    Mercedes Ortega - Celia Obregon