Directed and Written by George Lucas.

    Produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

    Before there ever was American Graffiti, The Star Wars Saga, The Indiana Jones Trilogy, or anything that was a film done by Lucasfilm LTD., there was this movie filmed at Francis Ford Coppola's filming company known as American Zoetrope. Which is the one and only THX 1138.

    THX 1138 is a love story based in the far future. Which is in the year 4130. In this story of the future, everyone has bald heads and it takes place underground on planet Earth. Everyone who lives in this era, has to take perscribed drugs so everyone can have equal and perfect happiness. Also in this era, love is considered a huge and serious crime.

    THX (Robert Duvall) doesn't like the era he lives in. He's wanting to leave the underground computer world he lives in and head to the surface of Earth. Will THX be able to escape and head to the surface? Find out in George Lucas' first movie of THX 1138.