Two wacky guys find both romance and fortune in the hamburger business in this comedy. Augie (Clark Brandon) and Drew (Randal Patrick) are a pair of longtime students at Hopkins University who've been making a living by pulling one semi-legal scam after another for years, but one day the dean (J. Don Ferguson) decides he's had enough of their antics and gets rid of them the best way he knows how — he graduates them. Forced into the real world, the guys are looking for something resembling a career when Augie gets surprising news. His cousin Samantha (Tracy Griffith) runs a gas station where he works part time, but she's considering selling the place to Wrangler Bob Bundy (Jim Varney), the owner of a local burger chain who is convinced the gas station would be the perfect location for a new franchise. Drew figures if the place would be the right spot for a burger joint, they should open one themselves, and eventually Augie and Drew persuade Samantha to go along with the idea. The business gets off to a slow start, but things pick up when Drew's buddy Calvin (Lanny Horn) cooks up a special sauce for the burgers which has aphrodisiacal side effects. Wrangler Bob isn't about to give up without a fight, though, and hires corporate spy Dixie Love (Traci Lords) to get the inside scoop on the burger stand's sudden popularity. Fast Food also stars Kevin McCarthy, Michael J. Pollard, and Pamela Springsteen (Bruce's younger sister). — Mark Deming

    Clark Brandon - Auggie
    Randal Patrick - Drew
    Tracy Griffith - Samantha
    Michael J. Pollard - Bud
    Lanny Horn - Calvin
    Jim Varney - Wrangler Bob Bundy
    Blake Clark - E.G. McCormick
    Traci Lords - Dixie Love
    Pamela Springsteen - Mary Beth Bensen
    Randi Layne - Alexandra Lowell
    Kevin McCarthy - Judge Reinholt
    Terry Hobbs - Donald Frump III
    Chris Edmonds - Billy Showboat
    Stan Wakefield - Cowboy in Commercial
    Tina Goetze - Margie
    Don Dalton - Limo Driver
    Scott Sowers - Cowboy in Commercial
    Ron Culbreth - Comercial Director
    Bruce Evers - Agent Dikworth
    Jerry Campbell - Cowboy with Indigestion
    Benji Wilhoite - Sonny
    Muriel Moore - Wrangler Bobs Mama
    J. Don Ferguson - Dean Witler
    Thomas Merdis - Sign Workman