In this drama, a young professional photographer, Diane Di Sorella, must suddenly return to her long- abandoned family home in New Jersey after her mother unexpectedly dies. Once back amongst her fellow Italian-American neighbors she begins to rediscover the heritage she rejected some many years before. She also begins to remember her embittered mother whom she abandoned. This is a tough time for Diane and she finds support with the best friend of her late grandmother who gives her a secret journal kept by Diane's mother. It is in Italian so the woman must read it to Diane. Passages from it are illustrated via live action vignettes and through puppet shows. — Sandra Brennan

    Stephen Spinella - Frank
    Mira Sorvino - Diane
    Matthew Lillard - Matt
    Rose Gregorio - Pina
    Antonia Rey - Grandmother
    Frank Pellegrino - Lou