The feature film directing debut of actress Betty Thomas, this romantic farce attempts to mimic the screwball comedies of the 1930s. Andrew McCarthy stars as Cliff Godfrey, a doll house designer and perpetual loser in love who is dumped by his fiancee on the eve of their pre-nuptial vacation to Mexico. Informed by pretty travel agent Claire Enfield (Helen Hunt) that his tickets are non-refundable, the depressed Cliff goes to a bar, where he picks up a drunk party girl, Amanda Hughes (Kelly Preston), who agrees to accompany him on the trip south of the border. Once she sobers up, however, Amanda proceeds to make Cliff's vacation a nightmare, alternately flirting with and teasing him, then rejecting him for more studly prospects. But Cliff runs into Claire, who's staying at the same hotel while photographing a travel brochure, and the two begin spending time together, as Cliff helps her on the project by modeling for her pictures. Though Cliff and Claire are discovering that they are each other's soul mate, the flighty Amanda threatens to destroy their nascent romance. — Karl Williams

    Andrew McCarthy - Clifford Godfrey
    Kelly Preston - Amanda Hughes
    Helen Hunt - Claire Enfield
    Daniel Roebuck - Marty
    Joel Murray - Bert
    Demetre Phillips - Dimitri
    Liz Sheridan - Mrs. Stein
    Pepe Serna - Dock Official
    Adam Mills - Adam
    August Darnell - Kid Creole
    Courtland Mead - Frank Jr.
    Denny Dillon - Sunray Tours Travel Agent
    Robin Duke - Mrs. Johnson
    Marsha Dietlein - Mrs. Lipman
    Monty Ash - Mr. Stein
    Danny Mora - Hotel Manager
    Tom McFadden - Mr. Ross
    Brian Boru Gleeson - Larry Johnson
    Irene Olga Lopez - Maid
    Archie Hahn - Gentleman on Plane