Deadbeat dads be damned. Patrick Swayze plays a con man who tries to live up to the ideals of "family values" by kidnapping his son and daughter from the evil clutches of a corrupt orphanage and taking them on a cross-country trip in his vintage convertible. To complicate matters, his daughter has been sexually molested by the head of the orphanage, who fears that she may prosecute if given the opportunity. This family drama is also a zany road movie as the re-united father and children flee the police on a quest to restore their family. — Laura Abraham

    Patrick Swayze - Jack Charles
    Halle Berry - Kathleen Mercer
    Sabrina Lloyd - Kelly Charles
    Brian Bonsall - Eddie Charles
    Michael Ironside - Jerry
    Diane Ladd - Rita
    Bob Gunton - Lazzaro
    Rick Zumwalt - Burly Guy
    Gary Epper - Trucker
    John Manca - Detective #2
    Kane Hodder
    Michael Tamburro - 2nd Helicopter Pilot
    Josh Lucas - Andy
    Michael Moody - Driver
    Mike Fenton
    Allison Cowitt
    Charlie Picerni - Body Guard #1
    Cathy Celario - Dealer
    Gregory Cooke - 1st Drug Dealer
    Michael de Lano - Pit Boss
    William Bumiller - Travis
    Adrienne Barbeau - Celeste
    Charles Tamburro - 1st Helicopter Pilot
    Steve Picerni - Swat Leader
    David Pressman - Gambler #1
    Eric Glenn - Young Cop
    Georgann Johnson - Judge
    Marvin J. McIntyre - Skinny Guy
    Vanessa Marquez - Delores