This low-budget, tongue-in-cheek horror film of the slasher genre � which had recently been popularized by Halloween (1978) � stars that film's lead, Jamie Lee Curtis, as Kim Hammond, a prom queen who becomes a scream queen. Six years ago, a little girl was taunted by four classmates and fell to her death from an abandoned schoolhouse. The quartet of kids promised to keep their complicity in the accident a secret. Now it's their prom night and they've got the jitters because they have recently been receiving phone calls and notes from an ominous, unknown individual claiming to have witnessed the girl's death and vowing revenge. At the prom, the four become fatal victims one by one of a mysterious, axe-wielding, masked, and hooded stalker. The many possibilities of the murderer's identity include Kim, who is the little dead girl's sister, her school-principal father (Leslie Nielsen), or her disc-jockey brother, Alex (Michael Tough..
    Leslie Nielsen - Mr. Hammond
    Jamie Lee Curtis - Kim
    Casey Stevens - Nick
    Eddie Benton - Wendy
    Antoinette Bower - Mrs. Hammond
    Michael Tough - Alex
    Robert A. Silverman - Sykes
    Pita Oliver - Vicki
    David Mucci - Lou
    Jeff Wincott - Drew
    Marybeth Rubins - Kelly
    Joy Thompson - Jude
    Brock Simpson - Young Nick
    Debbie Greenfield - Child
    Tammy Bourne - Child
    Dean Bosacki - Young Alex
    Leslie Scott - Child
    George Touliatos - McBride
    David Gardner - Dr. Fairchild
    David Bolt - Weller
    Beth Amos - Housekeeper
    Sonia Zimmer - Melanie
    Pam Henry - Car Hop
    Rob Garrison - Sayer
    Sheldon Rybowski
    Sylvia Martin - Mrs. Cunningham
    Ardon Bess - Teacher