Based on the pokemon craze in the 90s (although millions of kids and adults still enjoy it well in to the new millenia.) this premier movie to the pokemon series was based on a , then, new released pokemon by the name of mewtwo. He (im guessing) was cloned from the legendary mew. but everything seemed to go wrong when mewtwo started to downspiral into thoughts of his life being worthless. those thoughts quickly progressed to thoughts of anger. in which mewtwo attempted to destroy every human and the pokemon on their side along with mew. whom he considered his enemy. His attempts were thwarted by the main trainer and his best friends/travellers.They went by the name of ash ketchum, pikachu,misty,and brock. after an epic battle between pokemon and their lesser good clones with weird "tattoos",during the battle, mewtwo had an epiphany and relized that their battle was a stupid act and that just because they were the clones they could live as equals to the originals. they relized that tthey do have a purpose. Before the movie was shown there was a short film "Pikachu's Vaction".