An Iranian physician, Sayed Bozorg "Moody" Mahmoody desires to visit his family in Iran. He wants his Iranian family to meet his wife Betty and daughter Mahtob, and asks them to come with him. After spending two weeks in Iran, Moody reveals that he has been fired from the clinic for racial reasons and wishes for them to stay in Iran. Betty would like to go home, but Moody becomes domineering and violent, refuses to let her go and prevents her from leaving the house or using the telephone. Betty briefly manages to visit the American Interests Division of the Swiss Embassy, but she is told that she has automatically been stripped of her American citizenship status and is now an Iranian citizen for marrying an Iranian. Knowing that her chances of escape are limited, Betty plays the part of devout Muslim wife to gain Moody and his family's trust. During a trip to the market, a sympathetic shopkeeper overhears her speaking with the Embassy on the telephone and puts her in contact with a friendly smuggler, Hossein (Seth), who offers Betty and Mahtob a safe passage through the Persian Gulf. Because of the Iran-Iraq war, the Gulf becomes too dangerous, so Hossein books a flight back to America for Betty and Mahtob. However, Betty receives word that her father is critically ill and may die soon. Moody, who at this time fully trusts in Betty, approves returning to see him, but will not let Mahtob go with her. However, Moody also books a flight for Betty a few days before the one scheduled earlier by Hossein, which only complicates things more.